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  1. 2nd paragraph; ‘plain guesswork on my part’ last paragraph; ‘no guesswork at all, just plain facts’ So which one is it, armchair computer genius?
  2. Shut up, Meg. Being a forum ‘vet’ is about the lamest thing one can lay claim to.
  3. That's not common sense, that's you making a wild guess. Try again.
  4. Butthurt? Lol, I don't care how much work went into it, it's crap.
  5. How is the limit arbitrary? That makes zero sense.
  6. Lynxpaw

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    I meant connect directly to the iPad via the USB cable plus Apple camera connector
  7. Lynxpaw

    Hx Stomp Aux in

    Try connecting via usb out instead
  8. Lower your expectations and you’ll never be disappointed. :)
  9. You wouldn’t set the master that high in real life. The amps sound more realistic between 0 and 2 on NMV amps.
  10. I’d say set the master between 0 and 2 and use a gain block between amp and cab/ir to compensate.
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