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  1. I am trying to make an extra footswitch for the hx stomp. I am using hx stomp. Using a trs to dual ts cable on footswitch 4/5, I'm going to use an expression pedal for 4 and a mini footswitch for 5 to change volume/wah. In this case, I am trying to DIY a single button footswitch. When I searched, I saw that the wiring of the footswitch and the amplifier channel switching switch were the same. And I found the video on YouTube. Is it possible to use it as an additional switch by making it like this and connecting it to fs4/5 with trs to dual ts? I don't speak English well, so I'm using a translator. Thanks for the help friends.
  2. I use hx stomp. However, because the number of footswitches is insufficient, I want to add a footswitch, but if you add an expression pedal to fs4/5, you can only use one additional footswitch. Then the thought is, what happens if you connect the expression pedal to the sand return? Then, footswitches 4 and 5 can be used as switches, and the pedals connected to the sand return can be used as volume. Has anyone used it? Or would it be better to just use the footswitches 4 and 5 as volume and wah pedals, and connect the additional footswitches to a MIDI switch? I'm sorry I can't speak English, so I'm using a translator. Even if English is strange, ask for your understanding.
  3. First of all, I apologize for not being proficient in English. This is my first time purchasing hxstomp and using it. And before that, the audio interface umc202hd was connected to my computer. But if you connect it to USB to control hxstomp and start cakewalk umc202 is not recognized at all in daw, only hxstomp is recognized. The same goes for turning off the hx stomp-related stuff in the Windows sound settings. What I want to do is control the hx stomp with hx edit, and the hx stomp's sound goes into the audio interface and output to the daw. Thanks for your help and advice.
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