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  1. I apologize for asking dumb questions to professionals. Next time will buy beginners hardware whenever i want to become creative out of reach of a computer. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Thanks for your kind comment. I read the above about "USB" but the devices i am using, unfortunately do not have "USB" :-(
  3. I just cant beleive this "Ultraflexible" invention (or was "Behringer" saying this about one of his units, whatever..) does not let a user creatively jump from preset to preset while listening to an external sound source in order to find a suiting sound.The way Helix is treating input signals is completely against any idea of creativity with such an advented unit. This could be so easily solved be simply extending the headphone monitor with another software routing to the return inputs or just mixing them into the headphone monitor. This way the headphone monitor would make more sense too. Very disappointing.
  4. Nothing really, i was just curious if my unit was fully functional in this concern.
  5. Thanks for anwering, its a helix floor i am using. It doesn't light in normal operation but it does under LED test :-) ..so i assume it cant be configured either for whatever use?
  6. Couldnt find anything in the manual neither on the web. Question: Is the LED Ring of Switch #6 it supposed to show color or is that a "dead" LED Ring period ? Thanks RJ
  7. Hello there, Hope i am not overdoing it by asking questions, this time i would like to know which patch this awesome guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw7gER2I-iQ is referring to.I cant find a patch called "ANGL" on the helix factory preset list, only ANGL Meteor, but that patch sounds entirely different to the one used in the video. any help appreciated RJ
  8. Only EMU 1212/1620/1820 or 404 users may be able to answer my question. Thanks for trying though. RJ
  9. Hello there, Is anyone using helix with an EMU 1212/1620/1820/404 ? I wonder if the usb device can be used as an input channel in the patch mixer. Will it appear in the Asio Input List or somewhere or will it collide with the EMU Asio drivers? Another guess is that it may be smarter to use the digital port instead , not shure if the uSB driver eats up CPU power and/or latency. RJ
  10. @MikeUnderscoreB Thanks for the information, this helps.
  11. I was going to find out in advance before i decide which windows 7 to install.
  12. Hello there, Has anyone got Helix and HX Edit working on Windows7 /32bit ? Support says it may work, may not. So i wonder if anyone has tested this. Thanks in advance
  13. Simply to satisfy/reach old/more customers. Attention to customers is never wasted in my eyes. Besides in large companies service is certainly not a matter of resoures, rather a matter of will. But please dont lets start a Win 3,1 discussion ;-)
  14. I dont think the USB interface would require a 64bit computer. In my opinion its a matter of the software thats been written for the computer, in this case win xp, which communicates with the USB interface. I understand that helix has been introduced after xp has lost MS support, but thats not a reason for someone to still write a software for it. For example i wrote a tool for xp where you can partly remote the helix through midi and midi doesnt require 64bit neither. (i am not an expert USB like, thats i thought i ask this querstion here) Perhaps i get lucky one day ;-) RJ
  15. Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone has managed to run the Helix on Windows XP (USB like). I am running a fixed software setup on a windows xp environment and would like to use the helix as USB device. ( Midi and perhaps Audio, no Editor and Software Updates of corse). Many many other audio devices work on windows xp (example Axe-Fx II, Behringers ect.), i am aware that USB port hardware doesnt differ much throughout devices its only the programming that doesnt let one use it on XP. Sometimes 3rd party stuff tricks make things work, any hints in that direction are highly appreciate. (Please dont start a discussion why i am not using Windows 3,1 oder Windows 124 ;-) - Thanks RJ
  16. Very good ! Thanks for the video. I somehow expected the buttons to be touch sensitive all the time before buying it. Now i understand and my unit works as intended. THOUGH perhaps another option to make the buttons touch sensitive all the time ( just another option under Global Settings->footswitches->stomp select->, like "always" or similar could make sense for some useres, for example using the helix on stand or on the table). Thats what my personal feature request would be to the developers at the moment. RJ
  17. Hi there, i am not shure if my touch sensitive buttons are working properly , i may expected something different. I have updated my brandnew helix from 2,3 to 2,92. I went through the manual not finding out under which circumstances the touch sensitive buttons exactly will work. Let me describe what a found out so far and how my unit reacts. I have made the following adjustments: Global Settings->footswitches->stomp select->touch , Preset Mode to Preset/Stomp, Stomp Modes Switches-> 8. I think this is the requirement to get the buttons touch sensitive. Now going back to a preset i can choose a block by slightly touching one of the buttons 8-11. Now going to edit mode (eg: HALL) all buttons start blinking but they arent touch sensitive, neither when pressing a blinking button in order to edit a block. So i assume buttons are ONLY touch sensitive as mentioned above. (to select a block only, am i right here ?) Another thing i have observed is when touching a button a little longer a get a message displayed saying "assing footswitch to bypass selected block", is this normal ? This touch sensitive thing is abit confusing to me, perhaps someone can clear this up for me. Thanks RJ
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