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  1. surefootedllama

    Tones Load No Change in Sound (new Amplifi)

    Thank you for replying, no I can't do that either. I can move the levels but no change.
  2. surefootedllama

    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    Having the same problem and just posted a question about it. Very frustrating. Brand new amp and making me wonder if I made a good decision here.
  3. surefootedllama

    Tones Load No Change in Sound (new Amplifi)

    Hi, I just bought the Amplifi 75. Here's the problem: Bluetooth is connected Amplifi Remote App Says that the device is connected I can load tones from the cloud, but the sound doesn't change. I get the stock sound that loads. I'm using an iPad Air. I tested one of these at a store with my iPhone and it worked great. But I ordered this one from Sweetwater. I tried a hard reset (holding tap and volume button down while turning it on - is that right?) I reinstalled the app, made the iPad forget the device, made sure app wasn't running when I connected Bluetooth. Frustrating. Any advice?