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  1. For anyone who gets down this far, I had the same problem and found a set of Allen wrenches with a shorter arm and a knob on the long end that works perfectly (I just finished fixing my Variax intonation using the long side of the 3/32 wrench). It's "Bondhus 20599 0.050-3/8-Inch and 1.5-10mm Stubby Ball End Hex Key Double Pack" found on Amazon here Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks clay-man. That makes complete sense. I'll have to put some thought into what strings to use now for general purpose, but I really like the idea of putting acoustic strings on when recording some acoustic work. Thanks.
  3. This is a bit of theoretical question, because I could just try it, but for the models does the type of string matter? That is, how much of the physical sound of the string affects the final audio? I'd started trying halfwounds on my Strat to reduce sliding noise when recording, which helps but I sometimes would like a brighter sound. Just thinking that if the JTV doesn't care, then I'll load it up with halfwound or maybe try flatwounds.
  4. I get the same popping sound when turning on my Amplifi 75 or Spider IV 150. I thought it was just a quirk of Line 6 amps. It is a little annoying. Did it once with the headphones on and that hurt a bit.
  5. I've been playing Fender Strats as my only electrics for years. Recently got a JTV59 with the stoptail bridge. I'm getting some buzzing on the low end strings so want to raise the bridge a little but I'm unsure what to do. It looks like just a matter of sticking an allen wrench in there and guessing on a direction to turn, but then I noticed what looks like it might be a set-screw at the back of the tailpiece. Just feeling unsure of myself - any advice or should I just take it in for a full setup?
  6. thanks jm. I did the reset and all the presets appeared. but honestly, i'm more enamored by the fact that I can load my own presets into all those positions. so i'll find a few of the presets to keep and use the editor to move them where they make sense. my experience with the presets is that they are sometimes a bit too heavy on distortion, or delay/reverb or both for my taste, but with a little adjusting are very good.
  7. Thanks jmjm. Well, I just found part of the problem: I pulled up the amp on iOS and looked at the banks and all of them are empty except bank #1. THIS, however, inspired me to start loading my tones into the empty banks and much to my delight it works! I was a little worried about only having four user banks to play with but from what I can tell they are ALL available.
  8. Either it's not working or I'm doing something wrong. I have v1.01 loaded on Amplifi. When I press "bank up" on the FBV Shortboard MKII it just says "02A Bank Up", "03A Bank Up" but even if I then press button A it never lets me access anything but the first bank of presets.
  9. Your player may have an EQ or you can download one. How to access the iPhone "equalizer" (presets really): Then there's one you can buy, but I haven't tried it: Hope that helps.
  10. @AtomGram - Cool! I didn't know about IdeaScale. I just registered for an account so give me a little time to post it. THANKS! (P.S. I'm marking this "Solved" so you get credit for pointing me in the right direction.)
  11. Just an idea for Amplifi, but it would be nice to have a loop feature (just on its own), but also so players could record a short loop and then edit the tone until they get it right. That'd be a lot easier than playing a bit, stopping, making adjustments, then playing, adjusting, playing, adjusting etc. etc. etc. Okay, I can play hammer-on/pull-offs while making adjustments, but that's just not the same. It'd be a lot better to record a little and then focus on the tone.
  12. This is a long shot, but maybe someone knows a solution. While we were away, our power line was hit by lightning. Even though it was on a surge protector, my Spider IV 150 was affected. (Just for reference, another surge protector also let me down while the RCA (yes RCA) unit we had for the washer/dryer sacrificed itself but protected the electronics in those appliances). Anyway, now the Spider never fully boots up. It turns on, then the display just cycles around every 8 seconds with a flash. I tried resetting by pressing A while powering up, but no luck. I tried connecting via the MkII but, no surprise, the Monkey never sees the Spider. I'm hoping I just need a way to completely reload the firmware. Is that at all possible for a reasonably technically competent end user?
  13. Ha ha. Thanks. I was already thinking along those lines: that I'll learn more figuring it out for myself than just getting an answer. If I feel good about a result I'll be sure to share it. Cheers.
  14. I may have missed something obvious, but I was thinking I'd be able to find some of the built-in tone presets from the Spider series in the tone library to import for Amplifi, but no luck. For example, I tried Collective Soul's "December", which is on the Spider, but tonematch didn't pull it up. Okay, you might say, just copy it from the Spider, but sadly my 150 combo got fried by a lightning strike to the power line about a week ago. Learn from my mistake: surge protectors have their limits; unplug your gear when not using it.
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