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  1. My Pod HD500X recently packed up (le cry) and I had the Bass Amp Pack downloaded on it which I purchased about a year ago. I bought a NEW HD500X for teaching and because it's familiar - but I can't find a way to redownload my previous bass settings with the pack. Is this possible to transfer packs over from one HD500X to another?
  2. Hey all! Got the HD pack just fine, turns out I still had to use the Mac with Catalina still to purchase and authorize the pack via License Manager, still worked. Thanks again for all your advice! Got some custom tones here if anyone wants to download them; https://line6.com/customtone/profile/joshbassdude
  3. Hey everyone! Thought I'd give you an update - managed to use a usual Mac with Catalina (one before Big Sur I think?), downloaded Monkey and got the HD500X all updated. Even reinstalled the drivers and updated the USB firmware just in case, and of course the the Flash firmware! I'll be downloading the Fully Loaded bundle soon, will let you know how I get on. Stay safe everyone and thanks for the tips!
  4. This doesn't quite answer my question. With the firmware I have now, could I download the Fully Loaded Bundle or not?
  5. OK I have the following on my HD500X; FLASH FIRMWARE: V1.32 USB FIRMWARE: V0.00
  6. Thanks pianoguyy, as in 3 of the latest what exactly? I'll double check what my firmware is and let you know
  7. Just asking because I currently run Big Sur on a Macbook Pro. HD500X Edit works fine on it (I have the latest version 2.27) no problem but I can't yet update Line 6 Monkey. The License Manager also works fine and I have my HD500X registered online. I really want to download the Fully Loaded Bundle but is it worth hanging on until Line 6 update all software for Big Sur or not?
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