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  1. Thanks guys. Helix 3.1 actually made this possible in the end. The Euclidean Delay gives that really nice sampled effect and I’ve edited the tempo, steps and fill to give a continuous stream of the note, created two at the different tempos and assigned them to the same footswitch to go between them. I’ve also done the same for the chorus delays, owing to the longer repeats in the chorus and put these on a different signal path with a Y switcher, as well as adding mute switches both before and after paths A & B, with the Y switch and mutes all assigned to one footswitch to ensure a clean cut-off. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi everyone, first time poster, long time gear addict here. I’ve been trying to recreate a delay tone for a while, but can’t get it right. Essentially, it’s two delays running in parallel at different rates, with a line selector between the two. The delay in question is used here https://youtu.be/dQnCMfZqZhg . It’s a custom pedal that Russell uses here, pretty sure it’s two DD3s all smashed together with a line selector, but when I try to recreate this (no matter what gear I use), I can’t get clear repeats from the faster delay. It always ends up sounding like a reverb, rather than a fast delay. Anyone got any idea how I can try to get clean, but fast, repeats using my Helix? Cheers!
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