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  1. First of all let me just send a big shout out to this great forum. Cant believe how helpful it’s been for a helix newbie. here’s my question (of the day *laughing*): I’ve setup a link from helix to powercab (Line6 Link) and I am now trying to figure out how to control the PC in the best possible way through the Helix alone? The idea is to utilise the many speaker models in the PC and only use amps in the Helix (as opposed to combos or amp+cab setups in the Helix). I’ve made it so far as to make the speaker type change according to the preset. I can even see the colour of the light on the PC Change. But the text in the display on the PC doesn’t change a bit. And it seems like alterations made to mic-type and distance doesn’t really affect the sound either. I’ve seen videos on YT where the text clearly changes on the PC from preset to preset. What am I doing wrong? (Everything is fully updated). also: I’m super confused about the supposedly many ways of controlling the PC. Some control through MIDI. Some use Link over XLR/DMX. Some setup PC controls through the menu in each output block. And some use the “control center”. What’s the difference? thanks again for putting up with these newbie questions. Help is greatly appreciated. bR Gustav
  2. That might just do the trick! Thanks all
  3. Hello. I am the happy owner of an helix LT and a PC112+. It’s a really powerful combination and I didn’t think I’d see any limitations with this setup for some years. But fate might have caught up with me already. The thing is I’m doing a small solo gig in a few days. I was going to run my guitar and my mic through the helix - only to discover that the LT doesn’t have an extra XLR. That’s exclusive to the full Helix. Instead I now run my mic straight into the PC in FRFR mode (through the mic1 with some gain). And the helixLT through the digital port on same PC. That gives me guitar and vocals alright. But the vocals are dry as the desert. And next to the sweet tone I’m getting on my guitar the contrast is grave. so my question is: is there ANY way I can unlock some reverb for my mic using this setup? Or is this destiny telling me to always go with the biggest and most expensive option possible when buying gear? thanks a bunch guys.
  4. Thanks for the reply OF. I recently got a message from the official Line6 support confirming that it’s safe to do it like this.
  5. Due to limited space in my studio I was wondering if I can rotate the Powercab so that it’s standing on the side (vertically). I am afraid however that the heat sink might be designed to be in horizontal position. Has anyone tried this?
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