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  1. Just wanted to post an update. Thank you to the guys in Customer Support, you guys are great! After speaking to several members of the very helpful support staff, I sent my Helix in on a Friday (they received it at Line 6 on Monday). I got my Helix back on the Saturday of the same week. I live fairly close to Line 6, so I’m sure this helped. Everything works like it should again. Thanks to Line 6 for the quick turn around and overall great service. The Helix missed one live gig during that time, and I have to say I missed it quite a bit.
  2. Hello, Okay - tried turning the unit on and off without using the powerstrip. Still had the issue - now it's worse - when I turn the unit on and off, I cannot get the scribble strips working at all. So, I have all blank scribble strips every time on boot up. I re-installed the FW. Fixed the issue on one boot up, then, same issue began to persist. I guess the unit needs to go back to Line 6.
  3. One thing I should note, I’ve been turning the Helix on and off with a power strip that I have sitting near it. Not actually turning the Helix on using its power switch, but turning it off and on with the power strip. I was just thinking that this could be causing the problem. When I get the blank scribble strips, I toggle the unit off and on with the Helix power switch and the scribble strips come alive. Could it be that using the power strip to power the Helix on and off be the root of the problem? I will test at my rehearsal space tomorrow. Could turning the Helix on and off via power strip vs turning it on and off with its own switch make such a difference? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have the floor version. And yes, all the scribble strips are blank, including tap and mode. Again, it’s an easy fix, since the problem goes away, if I turn the unit off and turn it back on, but it’s still quite annoying.
  5. Hello All: Been loving my Helix, but for the past couple of months, I've had this issue where when I start up my Helix, all of the scribble strips are blank/black. I have the bottom row of switches set to snapshots, and the top rows set to IA. When the blank scribble strip issue pops up, I get sound from the Helix (my default snapshot), but I cannot do any switching. I can cure this, by turning the unit off and back on, but it's becoming more of an issue, because this is occurring more often lately - I would say once out of every 3 or 4 times I turn on my Helix. And it's usually, when I haven't switched on the Helix in a day or so. Anybody else having this issue? I am running FW 2.21. I don't believe I had this issue with previous FW, or if I did, it was certainly not nearly as prevalent. Any thoughts, ideas or fixes would be appreciated. Thinking of sending my Helix in to be checked out. Thanks, GH
  6. I wouldn't mind placing my Helix on a light pedalboard, but the Pedal Train does not work for me. I have an old PT-2 lying round, so I tried to use it with the Helix, but the angle of the PT-2 made the expression pedal on the Helix cumbersome to use. The super light Free The Tone pedalboards are great, but expensive and difficult to find - I don't think they make a size that would work perfectly with the Helix anyway.
  7. Reading about the fragile rubber feet on the Helix, I'm thinking about replacing the feet with good quality, larger, taller feet to also bring the unit a bit higher off the ground, just in case some unfortunate liquids somehow flow under the board at club gigs. Since the bottom edges are beveled on the Helix and the feet are positioned so close to the edges of the board, the feet can't be too wide in diameter however. If I find a good solution, I will post.
  8. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions guys. I will try the preset.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I tried, but I could not get this working with Snapshots. Sometimes, the wah would be on w/o bypass and sometimes vice versa with the whammy on w/o bypass when switching scenes. Could be user error, but the whole auto-engage implementation, when using both exp 1 and exp 2 on the onboard foot treadle seems buggy. At any rate, for now, I created 2 separate presets with every thing being the same in each preset except for having the wah on one of them and whammy instead on the other. This works fine for now. Would have been nice to have one preset that did everything I needed via scenes, but having to use two presets is not too bad. Any other ideas, or thoughts on if I did something wrong would be appreciated.
  10. Hello all, new Helix owner here. I have been unable to make the above work properly. I am only using the onboard foot treadle here. I have both the wah and whammy set to autoengage, which works just fine for me, but the problem is, once I hit the toe switch to go from exp 1 (wah) to exp 2 (whammy), i not only get the whammy effect w/ autoengage, but also get the now unbypassed wah effect. Of course, once I switch back to exp 1 (wah w/ autoengage) I get the now un-bypassed whammy as well as the wah. Is there any way around this, or am I forced to add a 2nd, external expression pedal to make this work? The reason I'm trying to accomplish this is, I'm very much trying to make one large "Snapshot" preset work for my entire live set in a simple manner, without a lot of button pushing. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong, or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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