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    Suggestions for SMALLER frfr amplification for Helix

    Dude those Behringer Truth B2031A powered monitors will be just fine. You'll also get a strereo sound which is cool and even though it is true the volume will affect the sound it is not as apparent with modern modelling because they can still scream at low volumes. I have a cheap pair of powered Yamaha ms3p's AND a L2t. Trust me the little yamahas still sound good straight from the Helix. They can't compete with the L2t for low, low end but you can still hear a great signal and if you are not playing live I would say this is all you'll probably ever need. I only really use the L2T for live ( Bass and Guitar ) and when practicing bass. I can get controlled feedback from both the little 4" monitors and the L2t but I do have to crank the volume and that's risky for those little 4' speakers so if you try this with your Behringer Truth B2031A powered monitors get really close. Enjoy this unit man, you are going to love it! Happy playing to you. Prepare to be inspired. MG
  2. Woody Blue how do you do? This amp ( based on the 360 by Acoustic ) sounds amazing! I humbly suggest you copy Factory 1 preset 15C to your user setlist and have a play. Normally I use IR's but the way this preset is configured ( with dual cabs ) sounds too good to mess with right now. This welcome addition to the bass amp catalogue of the Helix really brings out the true sound of your instrument. Woody Blue is very natural sounding and can be anything from a dark warm rumble to a crispy sizzle ( especially if you engage the bright mode!! ). Of all the new bass sounds this one is going to get the most use from users I believe. It can take a pedal beautifully and has the definition to do just about anything you and your bass desire. I played it through my L2T and it sounds super tight. This is the Litigator of Bass amps :) Thank you Line 6. MG P.S. DO NOT engage the tuning fork at high volumes... in fact just don't touch the bastard at all!!
  3. Hi, I hope you are all well. I am a happy Helix owner. I play my own stuff (check out my album 'Green Light' by Martin Gordon) and I also play in a Genesis homage act. In the Genesis outfit I am playing both bass and guitar. At home I can get both bass and guitar to play out of my (phenomenal!!!) L2t which sounds great but at gigs when I route my outputs on the Helix to allow my sound man to take a stereo feed from my guitar and a mono feed from my bass I can't then figure out how to get both my instruments to play through my L2t (which acts as my amp/stage monitor). Any help would be appreciated as I bought this setup for this very purpose. I kind of know there is an easy solution...but I'm too guitarded to figure it out! Thanks, Martin www.martingordon.co P.s. Before anyone tries to advise against putting bass through the L2t...listen to it. The L2t can really drive a bass sound, especially if it's just for monitoring purposes. Those speakers are amazing!!!