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  1. This is the most sensible answer here. And yes, palm muting the A string sounds like mud and out of key, which is what we’re both describing. Thank you. Although it doesn’t seem that there is a solution. Pretty average since I purchased this guitar to play metal songs from bands that all use different tunings. And I can’t play on the most common tuning there is - Drop D. if I had purchased this brand new, I would have returned it. Nonetheless I still purchased a product that doesn’t do what it says and there’s no support… Pretty disappointing to say the least…
  2. Thanks for the replies but I feel we are going in circles. I am aware of the dual tone effect - this is not what is happening here. Like I have said - this is only on one string with Drop D tuning only, I can hear the dual effect if the amp is not at high enough volume across all strings, so I have the amp at a volume where this is not an issue. I haven't done anything fancy like you suggest, like swap piezo connections, or filters, the pick up to string measurements are all as per your suggestion. All i have done is use Workbench HD to custom tune certain strings, including a drop D tuning which is the only one that is problematic and only one the A string, and only when palm muting the A string. It 's a pretty specific issue that seems to have come up in the original thread post that has not been able to be fixed by anyone. I have taken it to two guitar places and a Yamaha authorised centre who can identify the issue and acknowledge it is there, but have not been able to provide a fix or solution, hence here I am. Still with no solution.
  3. How is it possible that this issue only happens in one type of tuning and only one string? And it doesn’t happen in standard tuning? Or any other drop tubing like whole step down, drop C and others? And how do I fix it? There’s no solutions.
  4. This is not my issue…I can’t describe it any clearer… Again, there’s no solution being provided…and the product is not doing what it’s supposed to do. Again, I have an issue only on the A string where during distortion playing - every palm muted note sounds out of key / muffled / warbled / muddy and not sounding clear, it sounds like two out of key notes are being played. Only when in alternate modeled Drop D tuning, no other strings or other tunings have this issue.
  5. So is there an actual fix to this issue? I have had my Shuriken set up correctly, I have the latest software of Workbench HD, I have done a factory reset. This issue persists. I am 99% convinced there's an issue with the palm muting / bridge / pick up / software. How else can you explain that this only happens on one string and only in Drop D tuning and no other tuning or string? Unmodded - in standard tuning, there's no issue. Can we please have some support for this equipment and this issue?
  6. I’ve checked out YouTube vids, tested with two tuners, adjusted a little with a screw driver. The A string is perfectly in tune being played open and at the 12th fret including harmonics. Issue is still there…
  7. Should I attempt to fix this intonation issue if that's what it is myself, or do you recommend to take it to a guitar technician?
  8. Ahhh, yes i do have it plugged in on the stand - I will make sure to unplug it. Hopefully that solves this issue. Cheers all
  9. If it’s an intonation issue, shouldn’t this problem appear on all tunings while modelled and also while in standard without modelling…? Which it doesn’t. Why would this happen on Drop D tuning only? And only on the A string?
  10. Just standard that came with it, not sure. I can’t see how strings or tuning can be causing this as it it only happens on one type of tuning so I’m guessing it must be the modelling software? This issues doesn’t happen in other tunings or in standard tuning.
  11. Speaking of batteries, mine seems to completely lose it's charge if I leave it in the guitar over night. Even if it's 3/4 full as indicated by the LED lights on the back of the guitar, the next day - it's flat. Do I need a new battery?
  12. I have noticed this issue on my Shuriken 250 - but only in Drop D tunings and only on the A string - warbling when palm muting. All other alternative tunings do not experience this issue only when palm muting the A sting and engaged the modeling with the Alt Tuning Button. The guitar is tuned to standard tuning and this warbling doesn't happen when playing it without engaging the modeling. This issue doesn't happen with other alternative tunings, only when I'm in Drop D or other similar tunings like DADFAE. All my pickups and all other settings are the same between all other alt tunings. I'm using a string dampener as well if that matters. Very strange that it's only the A string and Drop D tunings only...and hoping there's a fix for this. Any ideas?
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