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  1. Hello everyone, I have some trouble understanding what "parameters" refers to in the guide, and which of those can be changed in snapshots. I know that snapshots lets you toggle blocks on and off, but is it also possible to change the value of some of the parameters within a block (let's say, the amount of distorsion, the amount of delay etc), or the global volume of the preset (the one you see when pressing multi) ? I tried it and when I change something within a block, it automatically changes it in all the other snpashots as well.
  2. Hey guys, first post here I noticed that if you are on preset 1 snapshot 2 and you go to a different preset, like preset 2, and then come back to preset 1, it automatically goes to snapshot 1. Is there a way to change this, so that when you leave a a preset with a snapshot other than 1, you directly come back to that particular snapshot when you use that preset again ? Thanks !
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