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  1. CodaMedia, Yep! Your directions were spot on!!! *BTW, After I made the settings on the Merge Block, I noticed, of course, that the "B Track" was dry, no verb etc. I'm sure most of you geniuses already know this but you can drag the merge block anywhere in the chain! This will enable you to use an existing effect from "Track A" so to speak. This is handy if you are running out of blocks and just want to use a verb or delay from track A or if you just want to join the "A Track" at a certain point. I attached a screenshot for newbies like me, with the new, dragged position of the merge track, circled in yellow. Okay, thanks again CodaMedia, cheers! ric
  2. Codamedia,.... genius explanation and directions... I will try this tomorrow... it all makes perfect sense. Thank you for your detailed post, this actually opens up a lot of possibilities for me and this pedal!
  3. Thank you Codamedia! yes, this is good info! I was experimenting yesterday and you are correct, the pitch, in this case, cannot allow a dry signal. BUT, The EQ as you say will still affect the sound when the pitch is bypassed. You are spot on about this.... *I'm not sure how to do your solution but I understand what you are saying. I'm new to this pedal. If you or someone can explain how to do the: "SPLIT or MERGE block by having a switch control the SEND level (at the split) or RETURN level (at the merge) of that path" that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi, I would really appreciate someone's help on this! The issue is that I am running in parallel mode and the EQ on the parallel channel is affecting the entire sound. Here are the specifics: On the parallel channel I am running both the "Simple Pitch" and then the EQ "Low and High Cut" . I need to EQ the "Simple Pitch" because it is too bright for my purposes so I want to reduce the high end frequencies of only the "Simple Pitch" sound, which is on the parallel channel. The problem is that the EQ "Low and High Cut" is definitely affecting the entire sound. It should only affect the sound of whatever is on the parallel channel. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks so much, ric
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