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    Microphone set up

    Hi, I too have bought a Shure SM58 and connected to Helix floor with no (apparent) output... So I tweaked a little with Mic Gain in global settings and raising it I finally hear the mic. Anyway I had to put 45dB in Mic Gain which seems a bit high to myself... I tried using guitar+vocals template patch in the Helix Floor.... but maybe is there a better way to have mic output at decent level without pushing the global mic gain so high? Maybe using some blocks ? (I'm quite new to Helix floor, so I 'd need a bit of help :) )
  2. Hi, I own a new Helix Floor and I found that switch under the expression pedal (the one used often to switch from EXP1 to EXP2) is a bit too stiff. When I play when sitted on a chair I'm not able to apply enough force with my foot on the pedal. So If I want to switch from EXP1 to EXP2 I have to raise up from the chair and push it down but it is very uncomfortable. I'm guessing if there's a way to make that switch easier to push... anyone has ideas? Thank you!!
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