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  1. I do have a few model and also tuning changes programmed. The change happened while I was playing and not switching anything. The cap that closes the VDI output on Variax is broken off and wondering if maybe dust or something got in. Gonna try a few things out and have rehearsal on Saturday, we'll see how it goes. I have a first year JTV with the high e fall off, model switch issue and older firmware. Debating about updating to the HD version and seeing if maybe that plays nicer with the helix.
  2. Had a weird issue at rehearsal. Using Helix, JTV69 with VDI cable to change preset guitars, tuning, etc. (Queen show). In the middle of a song my tuning changed. Thinking it was mechanical (using trem), I tuned my low E back to pitch...(went to C#). So after song, I moved the tuning switch on the variax and it didn't change any tunings. No tuner either, so guitar was not hitting Helix, I think. So, I unplugged the VDI from variax and plugged back in...It reset and all was good, except it changed my volume and was really loud. So before I start my troubleshoot, any clue from you guys where the issue might be? Hoping it is just the VDI cable (although it is pretty new). Debating about using regular cable with battery and programming the Variax and make the model changes manual instead of Helix...but It always worked so well before (podxtlive, X3, HD500). Hate to loose that functionality. Oh, this happened to me on the last gig I did with another project on the last song too. Any advice? A little unnerving.
  3. So you know, had it set up twice by a local tech. Although he is not familiar with variax. Played a gig over the weekend and it was ok, but still, my 300 plays better. I just don't get that. Looking for someone to do a proper setup and troubleshoot on these is not easy. Any suggestions? I am in south jersey.
  4. Cool, I'll take a look closer at the bridge. The nut seems ok as it still does it on fretted notes. tried 2 sets on strings. thx all!
  5. Doubt it's the piezo since it still sounds that way when unplugged. String just doesn't ring or sustain....open or fretted.
  6. I recently bought a used JTV-69 from a studio that used it for 1 session (great deal). Took it to my tech for a setup and I noticed my g string sounds dull. Doesn't ring clear like the rest. Doesn't appear to be a nut issue as the fretted notes do it too. Also, sounds dull without being plugged in. Changed strings twice..tried 010's and 009's. Anyone out there have this issue? Maybe a saddle issue? thx guys
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