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  1. Veefreek

    X3 Pro resetting

    Thanks!! I'm going to try to plug it in on a different circuit. If it continues I'll take to the local line 6 guy near me
  2. Veefreek

    X3 Pro resetting

    This is a Pro, so it has a 3 prong power cable. It was fine the first half of rehearsal, I wonder if there was a fluctuation in the power of the building.
  3. Veefreek

    X3 Pro resetting

    Hello all At my bands last rehearsal my X3 Pro started resetting (the screen would show the line 6 logo and then go to the preset I was using) It would then be OK for a few minutes and then do it again. What would cause this?
  4. Veefreek


    Well after adjusting things it turns out either the gate or compressor was the culprit. Made some adjustments and got rid of the issue. I have had all the pods from the 2.0 all the way through the X3 Pro and the Live. None of those units acted like this...hmmm
  5. Veefreek


    Ok so I have a hd desktop. I have a tone set up that's pretty good, but when I come to a pause in the tune it as if there is a reverb on, I have no reverb on this patch, anyone have any idea on how I can stop this?
  6. Veefreek

    POD HD update?

    So, did this update to 2.6 change the tines in the pod hd desktop? I had the HD300 a while back and the update changed the tones in a grainy way. Also has anyone tried out the new metal kodels?
  7. I have an X3 Live, recently the star that shows changes have been made to a tone has been showing, although I haven't changed anything. The tap tempo button was having an issue so I figured that was the problem had it fixed by a certified Line 6 repair tech. The problem still persists. The tone doesn't change on the unit. But If I should ever decide to sell it or trade it I would like it to function properly. Note: I have done a factory reset. Help!!
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