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  1. Thanks for the reply Phil ... There's an Orbi reasonably close (WiFi Mesh) but most of my internet is wired. I haven't changed any of the settings (other than updated the Firmware), so I'm assuming the wireless channel is set to auto. I leave the transmitter in the Pod Go and wait for the green light before plugging it into my guitar. I guess I can try moving it to another room, but this isn't a great solution. This feels like a device that wasn't ready for primetime if it can't handle situations like this (I'd hate to have turned up to perform at a show and experienced this issue).
  2. I'm on my 3rd Pod Go Wireless in as many weeks (no, really - 3 in 3 weeks). The first one had issues with the wireless connection - I could be directly in front of the main unit and it would lose connection (I could see the signal go from 3 bars to disappearing completely as I sat there not moving) and would cause severely choppy audio. The 2nd (replacement) was clearly a customer return - it had already been opened and failed to even boot up (thanks Guitar Center). The 3rd (re-re-replacement) has the exact same issues as the first. Can anyone help? I've updated the firmware to 1.30. I literally have to be sitting next to it and facing slightly to the side and even then it is pretty unreliable. I have the Yamaha THR amp which uses the same G10TII wireless relays and have no issues whatsoever with it - even if I leave the room and go down the stairs! At this point I regret paying the extra for wireless support when it seems pretty broken in this device. Can anyone help? I already raised a support ticket with Line 6 (for the first one) and they just told me to return it ... which I did, and that hasn't helped.
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