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  1. stratamania

    Helix FAQ

    That's a cool idea, but I think for it to work the Helix would need the capability to run a couple of virtualised instances of itself, so if delay was in one instance and the other instance fed into it. Then one instance could change presets while the other did not. This idea exists in mainstream computing where a device can run various virtual devices that are distinct to each other. But that takes a lot more compute power than is likely to work in a floor box. I can see that for some the Helix will become the hub for various other boxes from L6 or others that can be added in order to create a flexible rig.
  2. stratamania

    Helix FAQ

    From what I've read not at launch. But you could have enough going on in one patch to not need to change patches. Obviously that depends on your use scenario. Another way to get delay spillover possibly would be using an external delay perhaps in one of the loops. Especially if the delay were MIDI capable. I'm speculating a bit here but just some ideas.
  3. stratamania

    I Pre-Ordered

    Pre ordered yesterday.
  4. stratamania

    Helix FAQ

    Yes 8 in/ 8 out and re amping
  5. Personally I am not very interested in this versus that debates even when done with a little more intelligence, that video was a waste of time to watch. Its not a review its a rant by a guy clearly has issues about Fractal, in particular its founder. Lets try to keep on topic :)
  6. I'm looking forward to getting one of the new Helix as soon as its available. It seems as it will tick most of the boxes for me. Price wise for what is being offered it does seem to me a lot for little. Yes it's more to pay than for an HD pod, but the Helix is in a different league it would appear. I especially like the IR loading, re amp and four FX loops. Not to mention the scribbles. I missed the opportunity to go to a demo yesterday of the Helix, due to work etc. ah well :-) Thanks Line 6, looks like it's going to be really good.
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