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  1. toneman2121's post in Line 6 Edit was marked as the answer   
    update java
  2. toneman2121's post in Problems POD HD Desktop starting , it can´t was marked as the answer   
    do a global reset
    Q: How do I reset the global settings of the POD HD?
    A: Press and hold the Left Arrow button on the 4 Way Nav as you power on the POD HD. This reset resets the global settings back to factory defaults and also renames the Set Lists to factory as well. NOTE: This DOES NOT reset the presets of the POD HD. That requires re-installing the flash memory using Line 6 Monkey. (Same as Factory Reset above.)
  3. toneman2121's post in Pod Hd500x To Power Amp Of Fender Hot Rod was marked as the answer   
    i have a fender deville. 4 tens. my set up is ax, pod, pwr amp in. i've found this my favorite.   but i do have to play relatively loud to get the best tone. considering hot plates or something similar.
  4. toneman2121's post in The Monkey Hates My Fbv Shortboard Mkii was marked as the answer   
    maybe your device has to be registered
  5. toneman2121's post in New Owner Of Micro Spider. . Battery Question.. was marked as the answer   
    alkaline rechargeable
  6. toneman2121's post in Omg;; Pod Xt Bean. Middle Knob Malfunction was marked as the answer   
    i would say it is defective and needs to be replaced. but you can save the patch with the middle where you want it, then park the knob at zero (all the way ccw) and recall the patch. parking the knob at zero may stop it from changing.
    this requires dis-assembly; clean the pot with electronics spray cleaner
  7. toneman2121's post in Can't Record New Loop was marked as the answer   
    reflash the memory
  8. toneman2121's post in Hd500 Power Supply Problem was marked as the answer
  9. toneman2121's post in Cleaning Pod Hd500 Board. was marked as the answer   
    a dampened soft cloth like a microfiber cleaning cloth should take care of any heavy dirty areas like spilled dried liquids (beer, coffee, bong water) or use it dry for light dust/dirt. 
    an electronics cleaner can be sprayed into the switches and knobs. then rotate the knobs and work the switches to clean. this stuff drys very quickly and leaves no residue. to go one step further, you can also get a dry film spray lube designed for electronics that has a high dielectric property (will not conduct electricity). spray sparingly and wipe over-spray. 

  10. toneman2121's post in Deceiving Advertising By Line6! was marked as the answer   
    even though i know little to nothing about recording i follow this thread because i kind of take offense to the heading and want to establish for myself if the claims are accurate. 
    so i went to the products page and scoped the description. all i have to say is within 2 minutes i found what i would call the obvious. and i only say this because of what i learned from reading this thread. if i were reasonably knowledgeable to recording, i could determine from the statement, "stagescape is not designed to record into your daw." if that's what i had in mind, i would inquire at the time i was ready to purchase.
    maybe one of you guys can tell me if i get the gist.
  11. toneman2121's post in New Mac Driver Issue was marked as the answer   
    go to the download section and select your driver to install it manually without using monkey
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