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The Monkey Hates My Fbv Shortboard Mkii

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I'm trying to use the Monkey 1.62 to check for updates to my FBV Shortboard MKII, but the black Monkey window hangs with the red bar at ~80%, saying, "Detecting MIDI devices..."  It is overlaid by a white window which says, "Searching for all devices..."  Even after some time, these windows do not disappear.


This is an up-to-date Win7 x64 SP1 system with Line 6 drivers v4.2.5.4 installed for GuitarPort, PODxt and POD HD Pro.  The shortboard is connected directly to the computer's USB port.


The white Monkey window has a cancel button, but when clicked the button has no visible effect...the black and the white Monkey windows remain.


Doing an "end task" on "Line 6 Monkey.exe" in the Task Manager applications tab closes the black and the white Monkey windows.  However the processes tab still shows "Line 6 Monkey.exe *32", and there is no visible effect when doing an "end process tree" on "Line 6 Monkey.exe *32" ... which is to say that the process remains.  Windows must be restarted to clear the process.


Then I tried this...

  1. Used the Line 6 Uninstaller to remove all Line 6 software and drivers from the system, rebooted
  2. Downloaded the Monkey 1.62 and verified the MD5 checksum, reinstalled the Monkey.
  3. Ran the Monkey without any USB devices connected, selected POD HD at the "No Devices Detected" dialog
  4. Logged the Monkey into Line 6, downloaded the driver installation program v4.2.5.4 and installed the drivers for GuitarPort, PODxt and POD HD Pro.
  5. Connected the shortboard directly to the computer's USB port, waited until Windows said that the USB driver installation was complete.
  6. Ran the Monkey and the problem remains.
All of this happens also on a Win8 x64 system, with all of the same conditions.


What do I need to do to update my FBV Shortboard MKII?
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Just wanted to mention thanks for helping with the list of suggestions you had tried. That got me going in the right direction.


Some things I encountered with 1.67 Monkey, FBV MKII Shortboard and Spider IV amp (those devices were already correctly registered on the LIne 6 website with my login):


1) The Monkey software didn't appear to be able to work properly when the computer is behind a proxy server (couldn't find the Line 6 servers over the Internet in order to check for files). I removed the proxy from the equation and The Monkey found the Line 6 servers over the Internet.


2) As suggested above, after The Monkey couldn't find my FBV MKII Shortboard, I restarted the computer and then started up The Monkey without anything attached to the USB ports. Then after the app was up and I chose whatever the default device was to get the app running, I then plugged in the USB cable from the FBV MKII Shortboard (which had the LIne 6 Spider IV amp behind it), hit the "Connect to device" on-screen button and vi-ola, my FBV MKII Shortboard and the Spider IV amp behind the FBV MKII Shortboard were then found right away. Seems you have to have the USB cable unplugged from the computer each time when The Monkey app is started up, then plug in the USB cable to the computer from the FBV MKII Shortboard so The Monkey can find it and the amp behind the Shortboard


The updates to the firmware for the Spider IV as well as the FBV MKII Shortboard went fine after that. It did, however, require a reboot of the computer and a restart of The Monkey app without the USB cable attached followed by a re-connection to the computer of the USB cable from the FBV MKII Shortboard in order to see the updated versions of the firmware on the FBV MKII Shortboard and the updated version of the firmware on the Spider IV amp.


Hope this helps others.





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