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  1. Hi there, I have been using my 2 x L2T's for a couple of years and absolutely love them. I use them at home as my main/monitor speakers and live with our band. At home I run the monitor out's from my Focusrite Clarett 8 pre to each L2T (one monitor out to the left speaker and one monitor out to the right speaker). I then also connect the 2 L2T's to each other with a Line 6 link cable. Today I got a L3S sub. I was wondering what is the optimal way to link all 3 of these speakers?
  2. That has worked a treat, thanks so much. It was an old digidesign driver.
  3. Hi all, I had not tried line 6 monkey for a few months and now can't seem to open. I run a Mac with OS X Yosemite, it bounces down the bottom where the icons are for a minute or two and then stops and says application not responding. I have tried uninstalling drivers and then installing new drivers. I have uninstalled Monkey and reinstalled and still no joy. Is anyone having a similar problem?
  4. Hi there, I currently have a DT50 and have picked up a 2nd one cheap which I am collecting today. I am then thinking of adding an L3t or L2t for acoustic sounds. Wanted to know if anyone else has done this? Want the DT's in stereo and then the L2/3t for acoustic. Interested in views. Oh I also run a HD500x and JTV69
  5. I have read a couple of articles on here however am not clear on an answer. I purchased my JTV69 around 2 weeks ago and am fairly happy with it. One of my gripes though is the cheap locking tuners, which are simply not up to it. I notice on the USA JTV it looks like Hipshot and you can buy online however does not look like holes will line up. Has anyone tried this? Any other suggestions.
  6. Hi There, Are you able to use another power supply for the POD HD500x. I want to mount it on my pedal board and currently use a BBE Supa-Charger?
  7. Hi that sounds great. Are you able to send me the patch for the Satchy lead tone? Cheers.
  8. Hi there, I certainly do. davidalex.brown@bigpond.com
  9. Hi there, Can you send to Melbourne, Australia? How do I order?
  10. Hi there, Day 2 with my dream rig and loving it. A simple question, when sampling the acoustic sounds on the variax in addition to my VDI cable going to the POD HD500x I also ran the 1/4" jack to my L2T speaker. Wow, what an acoustic sound coming out of the L2T. My question is this, can I mute or stop the sound coming from POD and DT50 and just have the L2T for acoustic sounds?
  11. That is it. Thank you to all problem now solved. I do have to say it does seem a bit daft to me that you have to have a 1/4" cable plugged in for no real reason.
  12. Ok thanks for the advice so far. I have upgraded to Workbench HD and it now opens. When it does in the top left corner it says nothing is connected. As mentioned before my USB interface has a green light at the end going to the computer and a flashing red light at the guitar end. If I disconnect the USB from the back of the computer it goes green for a moment and then back to flashing red. Is this faulty?
  13. I have also noticed with the USB interface the end going to the computer has a green light on and the other end is red. If I change USB ports the guitar end of the interface goes green for a moment and then goes back to red.
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