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  1. I was trying to do the same thing and came across this post saying imoossible. Of course having an an effect loops possible would be nice and easier but not required. I have set up and works beautifully for what I need. I have a spider v 120 and wanted to hook my rc-300 to it. Of course connected through instrument jack isn't going to work as all the tracks will replay with whatever the amp is set to and routing the direct outs to RC300 and then back I to aux of amp sucks because the next recorded loop will take whatever the signal is which then includes the previous loops. Sigh. I sort of found a solution that works for me, at least temporarily. Routed the direct outs from the back of the amp to the instrument inputs on the rc300 and then took the out from rc300 to the aux input Jack on the back of another amp in my case it is a fishman loudbox artist. For my needs it works perfectly. The signal from spider is always what is coming out and just records that. I also have an ab switch box to change the input from the spider when electric and the fishman when accoustic. Wish the spider had effect loop like others (including my loudbox). Works great for what I need. But needed two amps for it. ;).
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