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  1. Hi Vigen1, 1- The cable must be an USB OTG cable 2- Before to plug your phone via USB cable assume to put your AMP ON. So after, when you will connect your phone in the AMP the APP (SPIDER V REMOTE) will start automatically and miracle the device will be connected. I got the same issue... I hope this can help you... Roland
  2. Hi Mike, Thank you for your answer. I want to use my looper for baking tracks and also for looping my guitar as I did it with my previous AMP. So now I understand that it's impossible. C'est dommage !!! Tan pis pour moi, je n'avais qu'à mieux examiner toutes les caractéristiques du Spider V avant de l'acheter... Roland
  3. Hi Mike, Thank you for your help. Nevertheless with the SPIDER V 240HC the guitar is directly connected to it via GT10. And even if I connect the guitar via a cable to the looper and after to the amp main input, the clean sound for i.e. of my looper (back tracks mp3) is completely destroyed by the differents presets you can used with this amp. THE AMP does'nt get the possibility to insert a looper after the PREAMP as my FENDER MUSTANG III AMP. So my question to LINE 6 : how can I do it ? Thank you again for your help Roland
  4. Hi, Bonjour, How can I connect my Boss RC-30 Loop Station to the Spider V 240HC ? On my FENDER MUSTANG III Amp it is simple, but on my SPIDER V I cannot find a functionnal connecting. I tried with the Aux IN and a RFX out but the sound is very very noisy. Is anybody has found to connect an external looper to this AMP ? Thank you for your help ... Merci pour votre assistance ... Roland
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