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  1. Hi, I would like to record my bass this way : 2 amps , clean and dirty but also the clean D.I ( 3 tracks in total) With the X3 pro that i still have at home is very easy to do. Can you do that on the Helix ? I still don't get all the usb" 3/4 , 5/6, 7/8" lingo on the helix edit . Thanks !
  2. Great. Going to 2.90 directly It's also faster i assume ? Everybody is saying the process is way faster than 2.8. Can't wait to play those Rev models!
  3. Can i go to 2.9 directly from 2.71 ? or do i need to go to 2.82 first ? i keep reading conflicting opinions on this. It's easier and faster to go to 2.9 directly? Taking in consideration that 2.8 was not a " quick " update ?
  4. Yep already had v2.3 firmware installed on the "HELIX" when i bought it. Question is, if i needed to install hx edit 2.3 on my "PC" before going to 2.71 or going straight to 2.71 is ok ? Hope that's more clear. Finally got a hold of 2 more usb cables to try. It seems this is related to a cable, usb port deal so let's hope it works!
  5. One question, i was supposed to install hx edit 2.30 before updating my unit to 2.71 in the first place ? i didn't do that. I installed HX edit 2.71 on my pc ( drivers, hx edit , and updater ) connected the helix, opened the updater and finished the update process with no problems.
  6. Hi codamedia, yeah i know that you can't have the 2 open at the same time. Never opened both at the same time btw.  The problem is more related as to why the Updater picks up the helix but the HX Edit doesn't.
  7. Thanks! And after rolling back with the updater, should i install the correspoding version of the drivers and hx edit (2.60 in my case) ? Or are they backwards compatible?
  8. I wan't to roll back from 2.71 to 2.60 and i was almost certain that you can do it with the currect version of the updater. Would like to see if that it's correct or not. I didn't find any guide for rolling back firmware.
  9. Hi Datacommando! The reason i don't want to go to 2.8 at the moment is to avoid any further troubles that might add to the ones that i already have. Eventually i will go to 2.8, for sure. As you said, my helix hardware (LT) was updated succesfully to v.2.7.1. from 2.30. That update process was done via the line 6 updater . That was the only thing that i clicked to update from 2.30 to 2.71, after installing HX Edit 2.71 and it's components.The unit was never connected to this computer before that. I can listen to music , the pc recognize it but i can't open "HX edit" , because it says no device connected. Another thing is that i can't find helix control panel. With the Pod X3 and Pod HD you can find it under midi audio devices and configure sample rate etc. Now i can only access the helix control panel in my DAW, i don't know if that is normal or not. It's almost like the unit is being half recognized by the computer, because the updater detects it but not HX edit. I already did a few reinstalls. I need to test another cable and maybe another usb port ( no hub of course ) but i already tested 2 of them. I don't have much free time for troubleshooting stuff but today finally i do. It sounds awesome and i can't wait to be able to edit my patches with HX edit and load my IR's.
  10. Yeah that would be the most logical way but im kinda scared reading all these problems related to the 2.8 update so i want to first make sure that i can get it working properly with a previous firmware and then jump to 2.8. I can't open HX edit and it seems that you need to open HX edit to update to 2.8, if i'm not mistaken.
  11. Man, these 2.8 update threads got me confused haha. What order do i need to follow to roll back firmware ? My helix is running 2.71 i want to go to 2.60 to see if that fixes the problem 1) run my current updater and roll back to 2.60 2) unistall everything ( drivers, hx edit , updater) 3) install everything , in this case HX Edit V2.60, wich contains all right? Thanks.
  12. Thanks! will do that. Another pic of that events windows of the controller shows this. device not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.
  13. Yeah , I did install just the Line 6 Helix driver ( v1.91) with the same results. I'll roll back the helix firmware to 2.60 , uninstall drivers ( hx edit and v1.91) and install the drivers that works with the 2.60 firmware. I uploaded a pic of the "events" windows of the helix driver that took for friend that knows a bit of this problems. "requiere más instalación " translate to , requires more installation. I don't know if that helps .
  14. If i want to roll back the drivers ,to pinpoint the source of the problems one by one, what are the right steps? Run the updater and go from firmware 2.71( current ) to 2.70 or maybe older. Uninstall drivers ( all ?) and reinstall the HX Edit Installer that corresponds with the downgraded firmware. Is that right? I will also install the Helix on another computer to check if the same problem persist. It looks like your tipical windows 10 / driver related stuff. Thanks!
  15. Reinstalled with the same results. I heard that some people had the same problem with 2.71 , maybe if i go with 2.70 it will work? I discovered that if i go to my daw, it recognizes helix as my interface and let me change buffer size or bit rate and i can open the helix control panel but it seems that a few things are not listed ( asio client and default buffer size ) also i can't find helix control panel in the start menu. Weird. Maybe if i try it with another computer will help me identify the cause of the problem. I had a pod hd 500 and an x3 pro working in this computer with zero problems.
  16. The helix is already updated to 2.71. That part worked fine but im asking if i need to have it powered on and connected via usb while reinstalling the v2.71 installer? Maybe i lollipoped up that part because i remember that when i was installing the drivers i didn't connect the usb cable to my helix on the first minutes of the process. Updating worked fine, and of course , the helix was powered on while updating. I'll reinstall now.Thanks for the help.
  17. Yeah , it's weird. Should i left the helix connected via usb and powered up the whole time when re installing drivers? Thanks!
  18. It works as an interface to the extent of listening to music with heaphones, for example, but it's not being detected by line 6 audio midi devices and HX Edit. In my case , after installing drivers and opening the updater for firmware updating, it tell me that servers detect a new version available and to upgrade to the latest line 6 updater wich is v1.16 , not v1.15. Maybe i will avoid that next time? I'm running windows 10. Will do the reinstall a bit later.
  19. Yeah i will do that right now. Also, i just opened line 6 audio midi devices and it says " no device connected" aswell, so it's not getting recognized there and by HX Edit, but i do have sounds coming in with no problem , music , videos, etc. I will uninstall everything and start from there. Any recomendations in the process? Do i need to have the helix powered off the whole time right ?
  20. Thanks for the help but , i already tested all ports with no results and did the factory reset. Also, i just opened line 6 audio midi devices and it says " no device connected" aswell. I do have sound coming from it but the " no device connected " message is showing in those 2 places ( HX Edit and Line 6 audio midi devices ) Any more ideas on how to make it work?
  21. Bought an helix last month that was running 2.30 and decided to update firmware and install it as my interface.I Downloaded the latest HX Edit 2.71 , everything seemed to install fine. The Helix is now updated to 2.71 and works as my interface.The problem is only related to HX edit. Every time I tried to open it, it shutdown quick and shows the " no device connected" message. Any clues?
  22. Bumping this because i have the same doubt as OP. Any answers ?
  23. Been using the HD 500 and Pro version as my "main" interfaces for years. That means that sometimes they are turned on 6+ hours if i'm working on a mix or something else . With the X3 Pro and X3 bean i did the same and never had a problem. They got a little hot but that was it. I do have an extra interface here when i need more inputs , but i was wondering if any of you guys use your helix as your main audio interface for music listening , mixing or whatever.
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