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  1. How can I see, in a custom patch, I purchased, what IR its assigned to use? In other words, say I want to put presets 1, 2 and 3 into slots 1, 2, and 3 on one of my user set lists. How can I know for certain where to place the according IR without constantly referring to a screenshot? Also, how the heck do I use snapshots, as a lot of the presets have them and I'd like to take advantage of them. Love to all!
  2. Thanks for the responses, guys. Glenn reached out to me privately as well and I've responded. So cool when someone is a nice person, someone I consider to be a celebrity in my world, at least. :) Someone asked about the IRs, I have none.
  3. Thanks, all. I am using a schecter with two humbuckers and a Floyd. I'm going direct into the L2M sey up as an FR FR, JonnyPM.
  4. Hello all! When I first got my HD500X, I purchased a big pack of Mr. Delaune's patches. After messing with them a bit, I finally gave up on them. They all sounded like my L2M's had pillows laying on top of them. I just chalkd it up to "must not be my thing." I recently purchased a Helix and again, I heard his patches on youtube and read nothing but praise for the fella (and he seems like a really cool guy on his videos). I bit the bullet and bought the big pack-o-patches and am having the exact same issue. I KNOW this is user error on my end, which is why I am asking for help. Before you say it, yes, I know different pickups, body styles, picking styles etc all matter, but not to this degree. I've been playing for 27 years so I know the difference between my buddy plugging into my rig and sounding different as opposed to what I hear now. I just downloaded the patches after I bought them and then imported them directly into the Helix. They all show up, but again, sound is completely muffled. As mentioned previously, I am running out of a stage source L2M set up for FRFR. Please give me some tips if you are able. :)
  5. I was really excited about how "easy" everything said this unit was. I am trying to teach myself to use the controls on the board as opposed to the software (which is what I did with the HD500X). Its all over whelming. I was looking for a "quick start" guide but haven't found a lot. I need something that walks me through, start to finish, in creating a simple patch. I found a video but when he gets to the part where he assigns the first pedal, he touches the button and assigns it. Me touching anything does nothing as far as I can tell. Also, I see no way to switch the pedal over to Wah and turn it on. What am I missing? Is there an acceptable order of effects for this unit (I know traditional pedal orders but I don't know if, digitally, some things sound better in other orders)? Finally (for now) unless I am playing at too low a volume, my tone doesn't clean up with the volume knob any more than the HD500 did. Open to any guides/input. TIA! :)
  6. Thank you so much for the response, I will check this stuff out!
  7. You guys sound great! Tell me about your lighting system. What do you think is the most important component?
  8. I am looking for inspiration, guys. I recently trashed all of my presets and tried setting up a new set list based around the new JCM800 2204 model (my favorite real life amp). The issue is, I cannot get anything to sound decent at stage volume. Sounds great turned down, stage volume it sounds very digital. Mind you, I am setting these up at stage volume so it is really frustrating not being able to capture any mojo. Just seems shrill and feedbacky (in a bad way). Any suggestions? (forgot to mention, I go into an L2t set up for FRFR) Also, this is WAAAAAY off topic, but I am looking for some lights to get my band started (we want to start doing our own production and get away from paying over half to the sound/light guy). We have all been doing this a while, but I've never done anything with lights. Any affordable suggestions to get us started?
  9. Ok from the mixer (both left and right) to a sub, and use the link to hit the two tops and second sub, right? Will the system biamp on its own this way?
  10. Thank you for the response. You are saying come out of the mixer, into the tops, and then l6link into a sub, then to the second sub off of that? Speaking of which, since we WON'T have the M20d, will the speakers still be "smart" or would we also need to use a cross over box?
  11. Hello all! My friend/second guitarist in our band is going to be getting a behringer x32 digital mixer. I currently own two peavey SP2s and two peavey subs. They are heavy as hell and I'm getting old now... lol. Plus transportation is an issue. Currently we just pay sound guys. But with the x32 we are going all IEMs and want to run our own sound (several of us have wore that hat in other bands). My question: we are a 5 piece rock cover band. We do everything from Sheryl Crow/No Doubt to Avenged Sevenfold/Metallica depending on the gig. Can these speakers support a full rock band? We play small to medium size clubs/bars with the occasional larger(ish) room thrown in. If so, what do you suggest we purchase, speaker wise? Two subs and two l2ms? Will the line 6 link be a factor without the m20d?
  12. Hey guys, I've been unhappy with my sound of late with the hd500x. I love my little Marshall, but it doesn't have an effects loop (eliminates the 4cm option) so it would be in front of the amp. If I shut off the amp, mic and cab models, would it be worth pursuing?
  13. I don't need to imagine that, I lived it... lol! Thank you for your advice. :)
  14. What you're saying, of course, makes perfect sense. My issue becomes, these devices aren't exactly "stage friendly" when it comes to editing them at a gig, on stage. I almost never use the interface on the board. I do it all on my PC. Any suggestions how to compensate for volume issues "on the fly"?
  15. Just curious. I basically started all of my patches over with a new amp. I like the tones. Currently my rhythm channel volume on my HD500X is set at 35%. My lead tone channel volume is set at 54%. Those are just arbitrary numbers really, as I haven't had band practice yet. However, I don't want to waste band practice time fiddling with my rig since time is limited. So, this is my long winded way of asking: Do any of you pros have a stead fast rule, such as "my lead tone is always 10% louder than my rhythm tone"?
  16. Hello all, my lead patch is creating a high pitched squeal when I touch the strings with my right hand or anytime the wah is engaged. I've tried multiple ways to attach the file here so someone could take a look but the forum won't allow me to do so, which is odd, I guess. Anyway, I am reluctant to up the noise gate more because it is a lead patch and I am afraid of losing sustain. If there is a place I could put the file to show you, that would be great. Otherwise, any suggestions?
  17. I bit the bullet and bought them. So far I like the 2204 a lot, the Panama Black (5150) is nice also. How can I tell which new model is based on what? As in, what are their names in the program?
  18. Hello! I was thinking about picking up one of the recently released amp packs for my 500x. I'm particularly interested in the JCM800 model as I don't care much for the stock one. Are they worth the price? Anyone have any audio clips of the new stuff? The last time I looked it was just medium gain, bluesy stuff on YouTube.
  19. Yeah, I did -1 for Eb, -2 for D. Just messed with it a bit. :)
  20. Joel, unless I looked at it wrong, your patch had it set so the expression pedal controlled the pitch. Maybe I don't understand how to decipher that? Regardless, I figured it out tonight and it works great! I really appreciate everyone's help!
  21. Ok, question: If I want it a half a step down, what should my "pitch" be set to? And why couldn't they just call it "Half step", "full step" etc?
  22. Hello all! My band is considering doing the tune Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. I want to do the harmony parts (and there are several) justice. However, I set the smart harmony to what I thought would be right, Dm, a 3rd below, and it pretty much sounds like I'm simply not in tune. I have to assume I am using it wrong. Any suggestions?
  23. I purchased most of Glenn Dealune's stuff. It sounded ok by myself, but they seemed kind of muffled so I haven't tried them with a band. I can't imagine they would cut through? I really like PDXguitarfreak's stuff. Not only were the tones usable, he really taught me a lot about utilizing the unit to it's fullest potential.
  24. I think he has one of those, but with my other guitarist and I stepping up into the HD era with the L2Ts, he's kinda left behind. Was hoping there was something equivalent for him. :)
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