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  1. Dude, you are so right.... I started playing guitar to be in a rock band, but 24 years later, I consider myself a musician. It disgusts me to see a "band" "playing" the latest hit from Justin Timberlake (who I think is a wonderful entertainer) with strings, back up vocals, percussion, etc, all from an iPod, and no one in the audience saying jack about it. Of course, their rich guitarist has an axeFX II so I do covet that... Lol!
  2. My old drummer went to a band like that. Essentially they are an iPod through a PA wearing ridiculous outfits/wigs and calling themselves a "party band." Here's the kicker: they are extremely successful and frankly, it annoys me. Often times, the bass player has to make up a baseline, because other wise no one in the band would be playing a note. It's sickening.
  3. I was thinking of getting my bassist a line 6 pedal board much like the hd500x me and the other guitar player has. Is there one better suited for the bass?
  4. I have higher end pickups in my guitars, so I don't think it's the pick ups. I've had no problems getting feedback (controlled) in the last 25 years with my amps. Regardless, I appreciate everyone's input, I'll give it all a shot. :)
  5. I can only get nothing or unmusical squeals. :(
  6. Wait, do you mean the big knob on the top of the board? Isn't there some kind of volume knob on the back of the unit also?
  7. I wasn't aware there was one master volume on the pod. How do I access it, sir?
  8. For instance, when I toss a tube screamer or a gate on a patch, its almost always the same setting. Can I just make that the setting the effect defaults to in order to save me some time?
  9. In the process of trying to make all the volumes of my patches the same, I have turned up a lot of the channel volumes on my patches. The end results SEEMS to be an artificially plastic tone. Is there a "magic number" I should not go over when setting channel volume? Because, as I am discovering, when playing it through a PA, I can barely turn up the volume knob on the channel, so obviously its a hot signal.
  10. I am using the l6 link. I was told it would default to electric guitar. It did not, but instead defaulted to reference PA. This is fen because I bought it because I wanted a good FRFR monitor so I could hear when the front of house will sound. I was expecting something epic. Instead, my sound now is very anemic as opposed to how it sounded before when going direct to my PA. The output on the 500 us studio/direct which is what I want. Why would the L2T and L2M sound so much worse than my 20 year old PA? What am I doing wrong?
  11. I did not know it defaulted to that. I'm trying to get it to sound as close as it can to what the front of the house sounds. :(
  12. Just plugged it all in with the Lin 6 link, not happy at all. I was expecting a massive tone. Did it do something automatically with out me knowing? How can I fix this?
  13. Dumb question: What "mode" do I want to run these in if I am just using them as monitors for my HD500X?
  14. Duh... this is a much better than mine. please ignore mine. Awesomesauce!
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Can the mixer part of the L2T be bypassed if I am just using it as a guitar monitor?
  16. I was thinking of going from the 500 to the l2t, mono and from that, to the l2m (placed on the other side of the stage for my rhythm section to use a s a monitor for me. But now I'm wondering if I'll ever need the built in mixer on the L2t. I guess if I ever do an acoustic gig maybe.
  17. Already have the hd500x, thinking about getting 1 L2t for my monitor and an L2m for the other side of the stage with my bassist and second guitar player. I'd let them decide how much of my guitar they'd want to hear. Do the two speakers work ok together?
  18. If it were me, I'd just copy the patch, change the name, shut off all of the effects you don't want and save it. Put it in the bank right next to the patch with the six effects. One click, they're all off. :)
  19. This was to get an FRFR set up to set my tones/levels for stage usage and to test the amp as a monitor thing at the same time.
  20. Yes the amps FX return. :) the crackling to ME sounds like the speaker in the monitor (not the fake amp monitor, but the monitors for vocal use) can't handle the 500x. It makes me nervous. Soooooo this weekend I am taking one of the actual Peavey SP2 mains we have and running it through that to see what it sounds like.
  21. I can testify to this, I set it up at band practice the other day (I was alone, it was where we practice.. for some reason I feel like I have to be 100% honest even though it isn't relevant and my, this was a long aside) and the effects return worked like a charm to monitor via an amp. Did not have the stereo sound but that was fine. The only issue is, I got a weird, crackling sound through the speaker I was using for the main 500x sound (a large stage monitor that also doubles as a main for practice). Dunno what is causing that.
  22. Thank you!I was surprised I didn't see a stereo chorus effect. May have missed it though. I really like the 500!
  23. Speaking of stereo, right now I just have the patches with two amps hard panned and stereo delay. Any other good effects to pan in order to take advantage of the stereo?
  24. Ok thank you! I will try this set up tonight! I really appreciate the help!
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