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  1. Ok, within helix everything is normal for levels, but when I look at the levels for the track and master they clip. Now obviously all I would have to do here is just nudge the track's slider down a bit, but I'm curious here. Shouldn't I be getting the same levels on both inputs (reaper and helix) and then the same for both again on the outputs? I mean the difference seems to be a 6db difference approx. between what reaper is seeing on both ends and what helix is showing on either end. I'm sure there's something I'm missing to normalize the two but uh? Reaper (latest update within any given month) Windows 10 (latest updates) Focusrite 2i2 (2nd Gen) Set just before going orange (keeping some headroom obviously and set to Instrument on the switch, using latest Driver update)
  2. Has the same issue. Tried the redistributable, tried repair installs of Reaper and Helix... yea it wasn't until I uninstalled native and reinstalled it that it started working. I'm on the trial jfyi.
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