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  1. You could try reinstalling "Line 6 Audio-Midi Driver 7.6.8" right over what's already installed. It took a few combinations of steps to get my UX2 recognized but in the end I installed the packages i the order I listed above. Moving forward you may want to open a ticket with Line6 support. I'm a regular consumer like you so in depth troubleshooting for your particular model and licensing is outside my realm. Good luck! When you get it figured out, consider adding your steps to this thread so others can reference it.
  2. Did you choose Pod Farm _2_ ? Version 1 doesn't work. Go here https://line6.com/software/ choose Toneport UX2 choose Pod Farm 2 choose Mac OS X Click Go It's the top one, POD Farm 2.59.dmg Once downloaded and OS mounts it, double click POD Farm 2.pkg. Good luck.
  3. ATTN Mac Catalina users! I was getting the alternating blinking red on my TonePort UX2. This worked for me: Line 6 License Manager 1.14 POD Farm (2) 2.59 Line 6 Audio-Midi Driver 7.6.8 Here's the magic part thanks to @Line6Tony's article referencing this apple.com note. https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/technotes/tn2459/_index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/DTS40017658 You have to go into Apple - System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General Tab - UNLOCK THE LOCK! - Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers - Allow access for Line6! Boom! goes the dynamite.
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