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  1. I just bought a Mesa King Snake - it was listed at an insanely cheap price so I bought it. This was after trying out my Helix with the Atomic CLR II Neo with a JBL Eon G2 sub (which sounded awesome) and then the next weekend using a Mission Engineering Gemini I Wedge with a Behringer 1200 Sub (which sounded even better - especially with the ability on the Gemini to dial back the flat response to a cab response control to tame the highs). But the King Snake was at such a low price, I just had to pick it up. So I hooked it up with the 1/4 inch out into Channel 1 which is the extra gain stage channel, and then send 3/4 into the return of the loop on the King Snake and the return 3/4 into the send of the loop on the King Snake. This is where it gets crazy good: I used a Groove Tubes Power Attenuator between the Amp out of the King Snake and the special Fillmore speaker of the King Snake and routed the cab simulator signal out of the Power Attenuator into the Behringer 1200 Sub. Then I took the other cab simulator output of the attenuator and fed that to the house system. OMG! I was in tone heaven for sure. I play in our worship band and OMG this sound beat the FRFR systems by a mile! My Santana lead tone starts with compressor and noise gate before going into the channel 1 of the amp. then in the loop I have the volume and delay and I just use the on board reverb of the King Snake at max. My leads were singing and sustaining forever! I put the wattage on the King Snake to 60 because it sounded better than the 10 watt setting and the attenuator was at 25% power versus 50%. Now I have a santana lead for the FRFR set up that I got off the internet that sounded awesome, but this setup with the King Snake fearing nails it!!! Now my rhythm is Edge U2 style with delays etc so I just use the Helix vox settings and delays without the cab IR and that goes direct into the King Snake power amp through the send 3/4 of the Helix. OMG - that chimes and chimes and chimes like I was playing through my real 80's Vox AC30 that I played through before the Helix. That King Snake power section and speaker chimes exactly like my AC30. And again it sounds better than running either FRFR setup through the Atomic or the ME Gemini. And they both sound awesome too. But I think what makes this sound huge (not meaning loud but dynamic and dimensional) is the feeding of the signal to the sub. The sub and the amp combo makes it sound like I'm playing through a stack for 4x10's! And again not the volume but the dynamic range and feeling of covering the frequency spectrum. Well, also my PRS Santana MD also plays a big role in the sound in that i can get the edge sound in single coil mode and the Santana lead sound in the neck humbucking mode. And then the volume control on the guitar does everything to control the attack and amount of sustain and liquid distortion on the lead channel. I can totally get the Santana Moonflower sound or the Budokan sound (where he is not as distortion saturated) or I can get his current sound which is more distortion saturated. He does use this amp on tour blended with a couple of Dumbles but I can really cop that modern sound too! Tone heaven gang so I am a big believer in the effects loop and Helix as the controller. Oh yeah, one more awesome accident i found was running the Bonamassa patch (I purchased through the internet) which is a marshal plexi amp into Channel 1 of the King Snake. I didn't mean to do that - I meant to run it into the Send 3/4 into the Power amp of the King Snake. Well, what I totally got was a Brian May queen sound that was clear articulate full of even order harmonics and sounded awesome!!! so I just keep that patch like it is. This set up rocks gang so I fully endorse this type of set up. Now I am pretty freaky about tweaking everything in my signal chain - like hours and hours and hours to get each patch and effect sounding perfect so it is not without a lot of time invested but the time was well worth it. Rock on!
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