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    Switch and Wah

    Cool - I'll set it up - thank you
  2. AVF925

    Switch and Wah

    Gents, Is is possible to assign a Wah to a foot switch and when it's activated, then an expression pedal controls it? I have "2" Morley Expression Pedals - neither has a "SWITCH" in them - and I'd like to be able to not buy another pedal . . . Suggestions - thoughts? Thanks
  3. Now I understand - I'm in the HELIX Editor now and I can see them changing lollipop I assign them
  4. Nope - No Rebuild Message after a restart
  5. Sorry - that makes no sens to me at all - I apologize for not understanding. When I switch to STOMP BOX Mode and then touch with my finger one of the buttons on the floor controller - nothing happens - zip ;-) I'm sure I'm not doing something correctly
  6. I've had my HELIX Rack and Foot Controller for a couple of weeks now. I have it worked into my pedal board, and it's replaced everything that was once on the floor with the Helix Controller and "2" Morley M2 Expression Pedals. Today I was trying to finalize my Patch Setups and found a couple that I wanted to Download and Import in the Line6 Tone section. Import went just fone on all 4 of them. I saved them - and exported a full Bundle before I started to tweak things. When I step on the MODE button on the Foot Controller to swap it over to the STOMP BOX mode - all of the STOMP BOX's are BLANK. On screen on the HELIX Editor - it shows 7 Stomp Boxes - I moved to a Factory Patch - clicked MODE and all of the Stomp boxes are there, as they appear in the Helix Editor. Why can't I see them in the ones that I imported?? My HELIX Rack and Foot Controller are at Firmware 2.12, as is my Helix Editor - I'm on a MAC with macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated !!
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