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  1. I have the compound radius... played it out today - perfect! The decal is my signature - Landon S Johnson
  2. I just finished mine. Ordered the maple/maple from Stewmac. Took about 10 min to swap it out, another 15 to get it playing. Best thing I've ever done to any guitar I have ever owned (putting a Stetsbar on a Les Paul came in a close 2nd...)
  3. Boy does it ever! I haven't even had to make any adjustments and it plays well - it was setup as best as possible with the old neck and is pretty intonated with the new one. A couple of twists on the bridge fixed that! Other than that, I had the issue with the high string slipping off.... even a not-yet-setup neck is better than that. For what, just north of $100 I am in a much better state.
  4. I ordered a neck from StewMac and put it on in about 10 minutes. It plays awesome! Way way better than the stock neck (still looking for a creative use for that...) Here's a pic or 3.
  5. I end up doing this 'leveling out' more often than not; my reason is that most sound guys I work with (church volunteers) cannot cope with my constant tone-switching. I would end up switching to a 12-string (which was VERY loud) and drown everything out for a bar or 2 while the sound guy 'woke up' and figured out which slider to move. Yes; I agree it's annoying but if you're not a pro and are short a solid sound guy it's the only option. It has been such a problem for me that, in order to go from clean to dirty with no volume change, I blend in distortion with my exp pedal concurrent with compression to keep everything even. I use my volume pot (JTV) to control something else besides volume, because if I increase my volume for an upcoming lead, the sound guy turns me back down again. I just kick over to a different patch with a more cutting tone.
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