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  1. I waited 4 Months for this pedal IT was supposed to Come in februar. But it Came yesterday. the Main reason i Bought it was becouse of the different color rings.so i can see what effect is in use.i already had the fbv pedal ,the one before model, But it is only red rings on my new fbv3 i am Wery angry and disapointed i have ampliefie 150.and no color rings it did not tell/say anything on line6 homepage about this fbv3 ,that the color rings is not availeble on amplifie 150,not one word, it says it is compatible with my ampliefie 150 and that is it! i feel triked,i have wited so long for this footcontroller and now i am realy dissapointed i have had many line 6 products,but after this i dont know anymore!
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