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  1. It was bought third hand so little chance of that. I'll keep an eye out on eBay. Love the guitar though. Especially the acoustic sounds using no amp or cab and a little comp and reverb on the Firehawk.
  2. Ah just googled it. The £100 plastic box. If anyone has one for sale please let me know
  3. So I guess I need to buy some kind of interface to connect the variax to the PC?
  4. I just bought a JTV59 and expected to use it as an interface to access Workbench on my laptop but there seems to be an issue. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. Can we add more search filters to say find tones rated by their rating? Also it's very easy to accidentally rate a tone as poor when it's good etc. Are there any plans to add tone packs or add amps/effects via firmware. I've had it 1 day and already set up my entire set list of tones. I love how easy it is to work with!!
  6. I've just bought the Firehawk and have a question. Can I use the 1/4" out into my return in the amp (amp as a monitor) plus also the XLR outs into the PA simultaneously? If so what happens to any cab modelling? Ideally I would want to set up cab modelling to be on via the XLR's and off via the 1/4" jacks. Is this function built in or am I asking too much here? I don't want a crap sound out of the amp or PA and I'm not sure how is best to set things up.
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