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  1. Hi I'm 95% sure its M3 My advice would be to do what I did. Go to a place that specializes in screws nut bolts etc. Take your guitar with you and try an M3 or maybe a 2.5. Buy a few and keep them as spares. Having said that, I super glued one into the slot, got exactly the right tension on the trem and then left it to dry. Never had a problem with it since. The trem goes in firmly with no excess play. I hope that's helpful Mark
  2. Hi I had the same problem with my electric 700 It turned out to be the jack plate assembly (the whole thing just unplugs) I bought a new one (that wasn't as easy as it sounds) Problem solved ! Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi Everyone My Variax 700 from 2004 has been the best guitar I have ever used - Love it. Over the years I have battled with myself over whether to update from the original firmware (1.21) to the latest A couple of weeks ago I did it but now regret it because of a couple of reasons 1/ I don't really like the newer sounds as much as the old, especially the acoustics and the Reso sounds 2/ The whole guitar now sounds as though it has lost its attack and sustain Does anyone else feel the same? More importantly does anyone have a solution ether by tweeking in Workbench or having gone back to 1.21 What I really want is get the 'old' Acoustic and Reso sounds back I hope someone can help Thanks Mark
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