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  1. As an owner of a "Roland Ready Strat", Fishman Triple Play and 3 variax guitars, Tracking was always a problem with the Roland system in a live situation. I use it now mostly to create Midi Tracks. The Fishman tracks much better, but live you have to bring the extra gear (Ipad or laptop for sounds). Both are great for getting different sounds for you guitar ( I used it for Sax solos, Organ, Brass, etc...). I got the variax in order to have several guitar models at my finger tips LP. Strat, Tele, Rick, 335, acoustics.......... JTV-69 HSS Red (newest member) 300 Black w/500 neck & Fishman Triple Play (profile photo) 300 Red USA Roland Ready Strat Black HD500 into 2 Tech 21 Power Engines 60W
  2. Well, it took a while, but I got a Red JTV-69. Waited to long to get a new one, so had to settle for used. Like to use Sweetwater, but was told they're not in production. Only other dealer I would have used that had one was located in my State (Sales tax on top of price...... over $ 1,100.00) It's clean, has 2 batteries, case, etc..... (Had to get the tremolo bar from Full Compass - get al my Variax parts from them) But as I suspected, I don't like the neck. Too narrow at nut. I still need to set it up, the previous owner must have had issues, it plays terribly. Hi E string rattles in the nut - open chords must have been a nightmare with the modeling. The spacing of the string in the nut don't appear even. (I was a guitar tech back in the day. Do all my own work.) The bridge set up is way off. E-A-D string saddles way to far back. Strings don't come close to the curve of the neck. Would like to put my Variax 500 neck on it (the one I have on my 300 in the profile pic), but if not I'll get the Mighty Mite neck I hear so much about on the Forum. Any input would be appreciated. Al
  3. New member of the "Club". Just got my Red JTV-69 (Mainly for the color), and the neck is garbage. I have 2 Varaix 300's, and on one of them (my profile pic) I put a 500 neck on it (e-bay). Love that neck. I want to keep that variax as a backup, but thought of trying the neck on the JTV. Then I saw all these forums and posts about Mighty Mite. Has anyone tried the 500 neck on a JTV? Only cause I know I love the feel. But I like the strat neck look on the '69. Al
  4. I've heard similar from others regarding the 69. That's what I didn't like about the 300 - way too thin at the nut. Thanks for the input. I was a LP player for years, but switched to strats for versatility (didn't want to mod my Heritage 80). Had an old (late 70's) Mighty Mite Rosewood Strat replacement neck - has a little more meat to it.
  5. I've had a pair of Variax 300's for quite sometime now. They have served me well, but they can be a little............ temperamental? I never liked the feel of the necks, so a few years back I put a Variax 500 neck (ebay) on one of them. Slight mod a neck joint, but it worked out great, Last year I found another 500 neck on ebay, got it changed the second one. My question, I want to get a JV series. I don't mind either style ( 59 vs 69 ), but would like to know which neck is closer to the 500 neck. If there is a significant weight difference, I may have to consider that as well. Thanks for any info you can share. Al
  6. Had similar problems with older Variax. I used the HD500 to change the Variax model - use VDI cable You'll notice when it does switch back, it reverts to the current selection of the Variax controls. For ex. If you manually change the settings to acoustic gtr, it would probably stay on acoustic gtr. This is what mine does. It switches to the current setting on the controls after my HD switches the model to the one in the patch. When I go wireless (I have another Variax with a wireless) I have to change the Variax myself. It seems to stay where I set - for the most part. I think it's either a bad ground, or dirty pots/switches. I think it's too soon for this type of problem on the JTV. my variaxes are old (both 300s) I seem to have this problem more during the summer - I play many outdoor gigs in the summer. Could be the humidity Al
  7. Haven't been here in a while. Didn't know about the change over to this new form. Guess all my old posts are gone. I have an Original POD 1.0 updated to 2.0 (still use it for a great Vox 100 patch I found here), the full pedalboard for it, an M13, an HD500, an early Guitar Relay Wireless system, and my 2 Variax 300's. Well its over 4 years I have my second Variax 300, and it has starting changing models all by itself. It wouldn't bother me if it just changed from Strat-Bridge to Tele-Bridge or Chime-Bridge. My problem is I wrote models in different tuning! :huh: I start the song, and it goes to another model in std. tuning. I don't use the rotary or 5 position switch for the most part. I'm in a sequence band. We use the computer to make all changes to our midi gear - Drum kit, keyboards, and my hd-500, vocal effects processors......... I write the patch for the HD500 with the pickup selector set to the model I want. During a song the computer changes models/effects/volumes/tones on the fly. * cuts down on a lot of the toe tapping on stage. On stuff we do without sequence, I have a bank on the HD with basic amp/guitar set ups. My first VARIAX started doing this shortly after I got it. Took it apart (no warranty, I bought it used), cleaned all pots and switches, fixed some loose grounds, shielded the cavity, and used cardboard form to keep the circuit board from touching the shielded cavity wall. Worked well, but the neck on this one was twisted, and I didn't want to spend more on a neck than I paid for the guitar. So I found another 300. This was used "normally" for about 2 years, then I started writing patches and let the sequencer make the changes. Past month or so it started acting up like my old 300. Start the song, the guitar is in the correct model, few seconds or minutes later, it's on a different model. Even if I disconnect it from computer and manually select the HD500 patch using the foot-switch, it does the same thing. Sometimes it sounds like someone is turning the rotary switch quickly back and forth while I'm laying. :angry: Temporarily, I'm going to put the good neck on my first Variax. I'd like to know if this is a normal thing with the old Variaxes. Is there an updated selector switch or rotary switch available? Thanks everyone AL
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