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  1. Leigh, thats exactly what happened to mine. the wheel itself is perfect but the cheap plastic surround is shattered on both ends. I am VERY careful with my equipment and this still happens. I don't think it's good enough especially for that price. Robert, that seems like a good idea. I'll have to look into it as i'm sure Line6 will do nothing to rectify this issue.
  2. there is no way i am paying another £115 for a replacement bag. its only a few months old and has done less than 10 gigs.. Terrible design and even worse quality for the price of it.. Would there be any Line6 staff out there to advise?? Thanks, Declan
  3. Hi guys, one of the wheels sheered off as i was loading into a gig on saturday night. The wheel itself is fine but the plastic surround/mounting is busted. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this? The thought of carrying the L3's everywhere is even giving me a sore back.. thanks guys..
  4. yeah, its like a single coil hiss. but it never used to do it. This has just began to happen recently..
  5. Hi guys, there is a hiss on my magnetic pickups on position 2 and 4 on my 89. is there any way of correcting this? Thanks
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