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  1. Thank Tony, i updated to Sierra 10.12.6 and now all is good. Cheers.
  2. i am having trouble logging in to my updater. it keeps saying that my server certificate is invalid. Ive never seen this before. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, my power switch has failed. Is there any possibility of getting a replacement like this in the UK?
  4. you can get a replacement jack input assembly from full compass. i had to replace mine on both an 89 and an 89f. its an easy swap. 2 plugs and a ground screw.
  5. UPDATE : I knew it wasn't a firmware/software issue so the guitar was sent to a Line6 repair centre where the main PCB was replaced. Everything is back to normal... for now.
  6. Hi, ive tried to re-flash the firmware to no avail. I think there may be a deeper issue with the pot as its cutting the signal as well as been scratchy. i think the whole volume/tone/modelling assembly may be failing..
  7. Still having the same trouble and now the volume pot is getting scratchy and losing signal as i turn it.
  8. i dont think its a firmware issue. i always run v1.9 on both my 89 and 89f but this distorted sound comes from the mags as well as the modelling and has only appeared recently. Would it be a jack input hardware problem?
  9. Hi guys, im a long time variax user and this one has stumped me. I have a JTV89 from 2011, works perfectly (although the volume/tone/pickup selector unit will be needing replaced soon). anyway, i also have a JTV89f and the past 2 or 3 weeks the modelling sounds are really hot, like the gain is too high. Clean sounds sound horrible and the acoustic tones are utterly unusable. I have both guitars on firmware v1.9 (as i prefer that to the HD modelling). The 89 sounds fab on the same patch though my Helix but as soon as a swap over to the 89f it is just horrible. What could be the problem???
  10. you'll have to go direct to Yamaha in the UK/Europe. As far as i remember they are very pricey.. heres the LF Driver...
  11. $78 for replacement driver
  12. that was my speaker. the LF driver fried itself. it you are not under warranty then you'll have to bite the bullet and buy one form Line6. they seem to be easily replaced, everything is plug and play on the inside..
  13. Is it possible to buy replacement wheels from Line6?
  14. The LF driver blew. It has since been repaired by Line6 and all is good..
  15. i have a pair of L3s subs and there is plenty of punch in mine, in fact, sometimes too much. I would do sound for gigs of around 200 people with my stagesource rig and there is a great kick out of the subs. Buying used gear can be a bargain but it can also be a curse..
  16. actually, the problem remains. it seems to be an intermittent problem. i think something is wrong with the tweeter. it was working again for a few minutes then the same thing happened again. it will have to be returned for repair.
  17. hi guys, i switched on my rig this morning for some practice and after loading up a backing track i noticed that the sound was awful. the rig has not been driven hard and it was working fine a few days ago. i cant understand what happened. i have already opened a ticket and awaiting a response but has this issue happened to any of you guys? the 1st half of the clip is the track running through my L2m which sounds fine but then i switch to the L3m and its awful... heres the link.. Thanks.
  18. Hi guys. is it possible to piggyback the Stagesource PA with a different powered system? I have a BIG room to fill and i don't think my 2 x L3s and 2 L3m's will fill it so i have a chance of using a powered HK Audio rig as well. Both have Xlr in and outs. Would it be as simple as using the loop thru to the HK rig or am i missing anything?? Thanks for any help..
  19. is there any way i can get standard workbench (non HD) to work with OS-X El Capitan??
  20. how can i get pre HD workbench to work on mac El Capitan 10.11.6? I dont use firmware v2.1 as i think the strat tones are unusable but i would like to tweek some settings on v1.9.. Anyone??
  21. aside from the quality/price aspect of this discussion, has anyone successfully repaired a broken wheel on their bag?
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