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  1. Same problem here after updating to iPhone 7. And it's not Garage Band, as I am not using it. I am using it with... Mobile Pod from Line 6. Already sold big PODs. Still have two varian guitars, but already rebuilt, so I am almost not using Variax anymore (pity, for time I loved it). Now - I am convinced to go to the nearest store and just buy IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 (have HD, never had any problems, and sounds very nicely with Amplitube).
  2. The simple truth is, VST plugins are 32-bit only. You cannot use them anymore in Cubase 9. Cubase 9 now support only true 64-bit plugins (which is very correct). That story is like story about (old) Variax software - Line 6 will tell you to install ancient Mountain Lion on Mac, just to adjust the volume levels on the old Variax guitar. And - if there will not be real update soon, more and more people instead of Pod Farm will use Amplitube (with simply works and sounds great). PS, so called "Line 6 Experts" - please, do not try to say that you are using some different (not VST) versions of the plugins. We are talking about apples, not pears here. Best!
  3. cruisinon - I was not writing to you, calm down. :-) Hate? I will not be surprised, if you will mix Jesus and all kind of prophets in that discussion :-) Please, kill this thread. We don't need any more discussion here. All was said.
  4. OMG, that discussion is so pointless. I feel like I talk to Apple fans. datacommando: There is no use of posting your answers twice, that brings no help really. - I did not miss any answers. Just did not answer there. But - you missed mine, where I wrote I have virtual machine (with the old system). - Why I will not buy any Line 6 products anymore? I prefer solid things with solid support. I love damn Ibanez and Marshall (I use those companies since 94). Expensive, but bullet-proof gear. I used Line 6 from 2006. The idea of having full gear set from one company was really appealing to me, although the playability was not really there, but that is other thing. 10 years is long enough to realise, that the "flexibility" at home is not enough, having all hassles that come with maintaining. For sure I will still use my Variaxes at home. Just, I will modify them, and forgot about the potential guarantee and support I could maybe get. Please, stop now, as anything you will write is really pointless (I was trying to stop that discussion before, but I see so many Apple style fanboys cannot live without "beating stupid poster with the correct and funny answers".
  5. Yes, my damn 90-some years old uncle is still using typewriters: https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Typewriter-Ribbon-Spool-Black/dp/B002BTLNKO ;-) Nothing mechanical can compare to digital "lost". PS I just came back from my local store. Firehawk 1500 sounds amazing. But I will never buy it.
  6. Let us end that "discussion" (not everything what I am buying, but guitars I collect) If you allow me, I will cite you always, saying that Line 6 is not selling guitars. Is selling "computers with a non-standard human interface". And definitely Line 6 is just a company from software industry. :-) And yes, I have damn virtual machine with old system. Probably not everyone is as lucky as me. And again - you are right. I can't think about Variax guitars like I think about old good instruments. It's fantastic (as I said - I love my Variax 600 and JTV-69), but it's just a temporary toy not worth investing money, as it devaluates way to fast. :-) ​Was only saying that the product is not OLD. It's a PREVIOUS version. The basic functions shall be supported. BTW - when Line 6 introduced Workbench HD it worked with Variax 600. I cannot say when it stopped, as I am setting guitars once, and then probably never touching again (I had now as I replaced the saddles). All the best cruisinon. Nothing personal ;-) We just discussed. Have a nice (it's evening here), so have a nice evening ;-) Miro
  7. Please, we are talking about GUITARS. I am from damn software industry, I know perfectly, how it works. And I am not talking about LIFETIME support, don't input any statements like that to me. But - there are two differences: A guitar is not a damn laptop I am not asking for updates for my guitar. I am saying, I shall have possibility to edit vital parameters of my guitar. Think: USB shall not be backward compatible. Very LOL, huh? Think also: how many Variax generations are between Variax 300-700 and James Tyler Variax? Right, at least six, I already forgot. Right, you shall not provide that basic support to such outdated products. Ah no. There was the previous generation. Sorry for the bit of sarcasm. And thank you for that discussion. I managed to cancel my order of Firehawk 1500 from Thomann. Germans are good guys. Best, Miro PS Funny thing is - my devastated gear I used in the very past being "musician" - Roadstar RS440, GSP21 Pro (footswitch died) and old JCM-900 are still working and still sound quite OK.
  8. canerakcil, I had same problem with my varian long ago. I changed the saddle order, so the "faulty" one went to other string, and on that place I put a "good" one from other string. The effect stayed, just now was on the other string. After few weeks I replaced the bridge (was lucky to buy one really cheap). Problem was gone. If there is a L6 service close to you - take your guitar there. If not - you may try to replace the saddles (from E to A and vice versa). Just that will require careful soldering I think. Taking guitar to the service will be best solution.
  9. What I am saying is that - I have different guitars. Some of them are quite rare and old. And I love them. For some reason I love also my Variax guitars. I had to replace the saddles on my Variax 600 (my fault, damaged one by changing strings). The problem is - the guitar is completely useless, as I cannot adjust volumes. Try to look from user's perspective. I am not expecting firmware updates or nothing fancy like that. But - as the technology is not ancient really, I am expecting a crappy piece of software that will allow me to adjust my guitar. Like in "real" guitars I can replace frets, pickups, pots, whatever. Unlocking Workbench HD for old Variax guitars, so we, users can still adjust them when needed, will be great move. Just that. Otherwise - I am really afraid, that in two years, when you will release new SupraNova Variax guitars, all James Tyler will become trash (yes, they have magneto pickups - thx to that they will live a bit longer maybe), like my Variax 600 is today. Because I cannot adjust pickups volume. Sounds funny, right? And sorry - how shall I predict, that one day I will replace the saddles and need to adjust volume level, so I could keep an old mac "just in case". And how many of those old macs shall I keep to feel safe? No, that is not an answer.
  10. No, it is not. Dear Line 6 - please answer me (and some other not really progressive and modern guitar players) - how can we edit our Variax guitars with your software (not by hand)? Workbench HD does not work with my Variax 600. I though I am lucky, as I have JTV-69 also, but no go for old Variax. What is the lifespan of a guitar? Best, Miro
  11. Hi, It's been a while, but I want to come back to this thread. Only one question to Line 6. As there is no software to edit old Variax (Variax 600 in my case) - shall I throw the guitar away??? Shall all those, who bought old Variax guitars just trash them? I have JT Variax, but it does not help, as Workbench HD cannot "recognise" old Variax guitars. I understand Apple is forcing me to make OS and hardware upgrades. But, computers' life is short. A guitar shall live a bit longer. I have guitars build in 67' and 69. I would like to hear official statement from Line 6, as I cannot find nothing like that on your website. Best, Miro EDIT I think it's time to sell my Variax guitars and never look at that direction again.
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