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  1. Was not aware that the term Brit was synonymous with Marshall. Also when a person ask a question they obviously are unaware of the answer or they would not be asking. . So, In retrospect, no question is ever stupid. You may find yourself asking one of those "Stupid" questions some day yourself.
  2. Looking for that Marshall sound. Which amp models do people use in the HX Somp. Thanks, Rich
  3. Thanks for the replies. Sorry it took so long to acknowledge it. I will check this out.
  4. Interesting, I only use presets and never have an issue with sound dropping out or a delay between presets. I do have a question however. if you use snapschot is there a way to switch to another preset without having to manually turn the knob on top?
  5. I had twice lost the scroll mode which I use to perform. Luckily it has only happened at home. I think my big feet hitting more than one thing at a time. The following allows you to restore the global settings without loosing all your presets. Resetting All Global Settings: Resetting the Global Settings returns them to factory default. Performing this reset does not affect any presets you may have created. 1. From the Global Settings menu, press ACTION. 2. Press Knob 1 (Factory Settings). The following dialog appears: Cancel, OK Factory Settings? 3. Press Knob 3 (OK)
  6. Sorry, it was the HX Stomp. (senior moment). Thanks for the info.
  7. How do you reset the global settings if you are not able to access HX Edit. I just had an issue at home and had to reset. I have an upcoming gig and realized if I needed to do this manually how is it done? I know there is a way but cannot remember the steps. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Rich
  8. Thank you for your responses. I will keep watch on the fix for extracting individual files. The issue only came up once and I had to re-do the preset from memory.
  9. Is there a way to restore an individual preset from a backup? Thanks, Rich
  10. So I can select to restore global settings only?
  11. I was pulled away for a moment. I just updated my HXStomp . According to instructions I have to restore my backup, but all my presets are already on my device. I was just wondering if the process has been updated. I see no reason why I need to restore my backup.
  12. I verified all the settings you suggested and they are identical to your instructions. I did discover something interesting. I had a preset with the Hiwatt 100 and 4 12 speaker cabinet on a preset while it was plugged in to the front end of my amp and it sounded very good. I would not think to amps in series would have such a positive affect.
  13. I haven't come across this problem at all. Infact I never even heard of it till I read this thread.
  14. Thank you for the informative response. It'll take me a few days to go through this and check things out. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again rich
  15. I play through a Rivera Jazz Suprema 25 recording with a 12 inch speaker. I have been experimenting with the overdrive pedals in the stomp and for some reason when I roll down the volume the effect does not clean up as I would think. Basically I have the overdriven sound at all volumes. The amp is designed to remain clean at high volumes on it's own and I can attest to that. Am I missing something here? Thanks for any advise you can provide. Regards, Rich
  16. Sounds awesome. I just got my first pedal yesterday. HX Stomp. Any suggestions on how to get great clean tones would be appreciated. If there are any particular videos or websites please let me know. Regards, Rich
  17. Are you saying I have to save the new snapshot before I assign it to a controller? I would think if I change the patch it would affect the original or am I wrong?
  18. Good morning folks, Just received my HX Stomp yesterday. Had a minor issue when trying to create a snapshot. The left controller has a tube screamer and a delay that is turned off. The middle pedal has both items turned on for soloing. After creating the snapshot it worked fine until I moved on to something else. Everytime I came back to the snapshot the delay would be turned off. I tried to reset it multiple times with the same results. Am I missing something, is this a known issue? I will check back when I get back from the chiropractor. Old bodies need a little help! Thanks for any assistance you can provide, Regards, Rich
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