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  1. You're right Phil - I had managed to get it working shortly after I made that post which is good. Would have been better if I hadn't have had to do all of the head scratching though!
  2. A simple EQ widget - bass, mid, treble - that will work when playing content through the amp either by bluetooth or using the USB cable. I play my keyboard through the amp with the cable and it sounds great but needs the bass turning down. Ditto when playing music through bluetooth. I am nearly loving this amp but it really does need that issue to be addressed.
  3. I have recently purchased the 75 model and I can't quite make my mind up as to whether it is genius or rubbish. It seems needlessly complicated for one thing and why on earth, as suggested, is there not at least a downloadable userguide? The supplied manual is fairly useless. The app is frustrating to use and seems overcomplicated. However, there are some great sounds to be had from this amplifier with a little experimentation. As a music streamer, it really needs a basic eq control as the streamed songs are much too bass heavy for my (and my neighbour's tastes) and yet there doesn't seem to be any way to alter this. Also, how does one record to the computer using the usb port? I downloaded the Updater package as advised but this fails to even recognise the amp! So come on Line 6, sort it out please - this is your reputation at stake here.
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