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  1. sonicvent

    So...Ty Tabor tone?

    I got to meet Ty last year and talk about his rig, which was not much at all. He played a solid state Orange CR120H head into 2 4x12 cabs. There wasn't much on his pedal board. A mojo hand rook royal distortion, line 6 DL4 echo pedal, a sweet sound ultra vibe and a boss tuner. Guitar was a single fender strat with single coils pickups all night. So, no tricks to his tone, and he sounded just like Ty Tabor all night! I was blown away with the solid state Orange head that's $450 at guitar center, LOL. I mentioned it to him and he shrugged his shoulders and said "it works".
  2. sonicvent

    New amp model request

    I used to have one of these and it's not that far from sounding like a JTM45. Somewhere between a blackface bassman and a JTM45. Great amp too by the way! I also had a 62' blonde tremolux with 2x10 cab loaded with Oxford speakers that was an incredible tone machine that I regret selling... I don't know if it was mentioned in this thread already, but maybe try a JTM45 amp on a blackface cab to get close?
  3. thx for the instructions. You saved me from anxiety attack :P easy fix when you know what to do