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  1. Great thread and information everyone! Pyrazol, I'm a rock and ballad singer, using a XD-V75 with both SM58 and Beta 58a capsules. I use them in smaller venues (100-300 people) and occasional large gigs (700+). My question is about the DYNAMIC FILTER. When you are playing a decent gig with a good engineer, when using the shure capsules, do you set it to OFF, NORMAL or TALK? Also, when doing a small, self contained gig what filter do you use? How has the XD-V75 been performing these days? Im in San Francisco which is Wi-Fi obsessed. thanks in Advance, Geoff
  2. Does anyone find that RF1 worked better for the xd-v75 handheld? I perform in San Francisco where Wifi interference is massive. How is the Shure QLX-D? It's also digital, so does it experience the same issues?
  3. gbakerjr, any news on better performance with RF1? Recently I've been using the the XD-V75 handheld series and all the channels seem to be full at the gigs I've been doing.
  4. Sorry, I may have asked this in the past. I'm singing in a rock band. When using a 3rd party capsule, like the Shure Beta 58a, should the Dynamic Filter be OFF, TALK or NORM? Thanks in Advance, Geoff
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