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  1. Yes mate. It would be basically the same as using extension speakers. Just make a couple of cables with speaker wire. 1/4" jack on one end, speaker connectors on the other. I'm basing this on my Flextone III, which I am assuming would be fairly similar to yours. This would work if it was a problem with the wiring to your speakers. Hope it helps
  2. Hi Just wanted to share this with you all, as I am finally happy with my guitar rig. I have ripped my Flex apart, and converted it into a head & 2 1x12 cabs. I got a couple of old Peavey PA cabs, cut the tops off to make them square, and fitted the speakers into them. I just built a wooden case for the head when it came out of the original body. I am using a BOSS GT-100 going straight into the FX return of the Flextone, with a blank plug in the input socket. It bypasses all the FLex FX, but the GT-100 is so awesome I don't care! The Flex just now works as a fantastic 150W stereo amp, and I can spread the speakers out to get the full effect of the stereo across the stage. You could do the same, and still use the onboard Flex FX too. Spreading it out makes it sound glorious. It also has the added bonus that you can lift the sodding thing without inducing a hernia every time - lol!
  3. Hi Try running cable from the speaker out jacks on the back straight to the speakers. Pretty easy to do, and you could use it like that forever without any on-board soldering.
  4. Hi mate Not sure if you are talking about live or at home. If it's live, then a shortboard, or programmable midi controller is the only way. If you get a midi-USB cable (pretty cheap on Ebay), you can connect to your PC and change to whatever patch you want with the Flex software. It would be a bit tricky to do it live though with the midi/pc. I had this thought a while ago, but haven't done anything about it. If you could get a small programmable midi controller with 2 switches, you could build it into the amp somehow, and program the buttons to switch banks up/down (the parameters are in the FLex manual). Theoretically, it should work.... It's a bit mad that they build an amp with loads of slots, but you can only access 4 from the actual amp itself. Regards Mark
  5. OK. I've been pondering this info. Not to sound like an absolute numpty, but how does an amp actually flow? WHat bit does what exactly? Where does the effects loop go before? I've only ever either plugged into the front with pedals, or used Line6 stuff with built in modelling/effects. Never actually thought how it works as such! Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated
  7. Excellent. Thank you very much for your speedy reply. Are the effects in the pod better than on the flex? I would assume they are, but the chorus and ping pong are absolutely glorious on the Flex. Also, I love the JC120 amp on the flex, and I notice the POD doesn't have that on it (unless I spend another $49 on a pack - Grrrrrr). Any configuration to use that too possibly? Thanks again
  8. Hi all Looking at getting a HD500X and hooking it up to my flextone III XL. I was thinking of just using the Flex as a straight amp, and using the effects/amps in the HD instead. I have modded the Flex, so it is a head and 2 1x12 cabs to spread out the stereo (very nice!) WHat would be the best way to hook everything up so I can utilise the HD amp models and the stereo effects within the HD500X? I get terrible confused with effects loops, power amps etc etc...lol! Thanks Mark
  9. I did have an M5, but didn't like it. That one set up fine (stereo FX send/return - easy-peasy!) It would be good if I could route to amps FX to after the loop. It would be fine then. I think I am just going to have to go into the front with the Zoom and use the stereo FX on the amp (which are indeed glorious) Thanks anyhow
  10. OK, here is my problem which I hope some of you lovely people can solve for me (as it is making my head hurt!) I have a Flextone III XL which I have ripped apart to make a head & 2 1x12 cabs. I love the ping pong stereo delay & stereo chorus on it, and it sounds delightful when you can spread the cabs a bit more. I also have a Zoom G5, which I use like a stompbox for some additional effects that the Flex is lacking. Both have mono inputs, but stereo outputs (I think) I would like to use the stereo on both units, but I am bewildered if I can work out a way to do this. If I put the Zoom in the effects loop, it takes the stereo off the Flex. If I put the Zoom into the front of the Flex, it stops the stereo from the Zoom. Is there a way to keep the stereo on both? Thanks in anticipation. Mark
  11. Thanks for the advice. I will give it a go
  12. Im getting strange volume fluctuations from my amp. When i turn it on, there is sometimes no sound until i change patch on my fbv shortboard. Halfway through a song, the volume can drop dramatically. If i change preset and go back to the original, the sound comes back. Any ideas? The amp is just over a year old (typical-just out of warranty!) thanks
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