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  1. I did the 10-11 reset to rebuild patches. When it came on it was giving a harsh sound to my speaker with big volume on knob on 0! Every patch. I finally shut it off and turned it back on. The big volume knob started working again. Not sure if this is a product of 2.10 but this is starting to make me re think the longevity of the helix. Anyhow mines going back to the shop today. Hopefully for an exchange.
  2. Hi. Same thing happened to me at a corporate gig saturday. Half way through. Bloated bass and nasty digital distortion. Tried resetting firmware, resetting, building new patches, changing patch cables, xlr's and finally speakers. Same. Needless to say going in to the shop tomorrow.
  3. Update: Because I didn't have many presets, I reinstalled 2.10 and did not import any old presets over, basically started from scratch. Now everything works as it should. So it seems a lot of these issues are from importing a older set list.
  4. To avoid confusion by light on and off I mean the wah icon on the actual helix screen.
  5. Happens on my own presets as well as factory. For instance the wah I have set to come on when I press down on the expression pedal but once I do the wah works as normal but the light stays on even when wah is off. Once I click through a few snapshots the wah lights on and off as normal. I did the entire install process correct and reset helix using the 2 middle buttons on bottom row.
  6. Yes exactly same as above. Here's s pic. As you can see the chorus is selected but the icon on the screen is not lit up. Seems to be random and as you cycle through some blocks it fixes itself. Dial up the "say it ain't so" patch in factory 2 and see if you get the same results.
  7. Helix screen. I'll try and take some screen shots shortly.
  8. No sorry I don't mean a switch goes to the block, I mean the switch lights up but the actual icon on the screen does not. So if you switch on a delay the delay is clearly on however the green delay icon on the screen is not. It's a visual thing.
  9. Same here. Noticed it when going through the new presets. Light on foot switch works but the actual blocks on the helix screen don't light up until you physically select the block with the joystick. Then they start working.
  10. I'd like to hear some clips as well. They probably sound unreal.
  11. Loaded these in and will use them at my gigs this weekend. Sound awesome! Thanks for doing these.
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