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  1. If you hold down Tap while you power up the amp enters Test Mode. That's how I use my HD500 with my Spider IV 75. That's the only way to turn off all models as even our green and red "clean" are models. Do be warned though, none of the knobs will control anything. You'll have to use your pedal for volume...etc.
  2. My apologies for being a noob but what is FRFR? Is there an acronym stickie somewhere I should read? Edit: Never mind, Google knows all. Thanks!
  3. Good Afternoon, I have acquired a POD HD500 from a friend and love interfacing it with my computer and dialing in the sounds. My only amp is a Spider IV 75w and I have to run it in test mode as there is no FX Loop on it. I play my American Telecaster and Epiphone Les Paul Standard through this amp. I recently purchased a Taylor 214CE and was looking at the Marshall AS50D as a amp for it. My question is: Could I use the HD500 with the AS50D, playing my two electric guitars through it and get the same tones I get with my Spider IV. My venue is a medium sized church and my sounds range from clean to distortion, always rhythm, never lead.
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