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  1. Hi I bought the power effect plugins for the ux1, sadly it broke, and made my life sad so i bought an ux2. Now i cant get the plugin to work on the ux2. Do i hafto rebuy it for ux2? Cus that would suck a lot. Thanks for the future help! Have a wonderful day.
  2. So yeah until just before christmas 2017 everything worked perfect. Sure occasionally i got the error "asio driver open failure" when i started a new project. but i just reset it in the device menu in cubase and it worked. Now it does not work at all. And everytime when i try to change the driver to the toneport ux1 i get the asio driver open failure. I downloaded other daws like reaper ect but same thing there it wont switch to the Asio toneport ux1 driver. THOUGH... The toneport ux1 is used as main audio interface on my pc. I can listen to audio from games and browser. I can use the mic when i voip ect. Its just when i open up the music programs this occur. But then again, i wanna make music. which is why i got it in the first place. My pc is fairly ok. i7 16gb ram, 8 tb drives. Using win 7.
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