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  1. ZeCastello

    Who uses their POD's mic input?

    I am a sax player most of the time. I have a HD500 because I play guitar too, but only rythm. I started using this mic input to use delays and reverbs. Very happy with it. Now I use the pitch glide too and sometime the preamp to boost when I play the baritone sax which is less louder than my tenos and alto sax.
  2. ZeCastello

    Auto swell

    How can I get an auto swell effect (like the one on the mobilepod app) using the pod hd500?
  3. If I plug an acoustic guitar on the pod500HD and and the POD to a L2t can I get the acoustic modeling effect or I just can get it from that channel on the side panel. If so, is there any trick on the POD to substitut the modeling effect?
  4. ZeCastello

    Cannot Update Dt-25

    i just cannot be seen by line6 monkey and the dt cannot be updated. code error 80009001. what is that?
  5. ZeCastello

    Which Is The Best Input For Acoustic Guitar In Pod Hd500?

    Would you share your patch with me?
  6. ZeCastello

    Which Is The Best Input For Acoustic Guitar In Pod Hd500?

    Hi Uber, i dont think it was the volume cos i remember turning it down. But I will try to bypass the eq. Lets see if it works.
  7. I tried to plug my takamine 12-string on my pod500 this weekend and the sound was terrible. Even with no effects at all. No amps or that "vintage pre". The guitar input was terrible. The aux a little better but far away from the sound plugged on the soundboard. I needed control of the sound and different effects for different songs (floyd songs) and I ended the night very very frustrated. What did I do wrong? I plugged a mic for my saxophone and it worked. Does the pod only works with the variax acoustic models? I'll try some patches from the guys here but where do I plug the instrument? Thanks in advance.
  8. ZeCastello

    Let See Some Unique Ways To Use The Controllers

    I'm wondering how could I change from one amp to another by moving the expression pedal. Is it possible?
  9. Is it possible to sweep amp models using the expression pedal? How could I make one amp model sound on the toe position of the expression pedal and other amp model sound on the opposite position? THANKS IN ADVANCE!