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  1. I am a sax player most of the time. I have a HD500 because I play guitar too, but only rythm. I started using this mic input to use delays and reverbs. Very happy with it. Now I use the pitch glide too and sometime the preamp to boost when I play the baritone sax which is less louder than my tenos and alto sax.
  2. ZeCastello

    Auto swell

    How can I get an auto swell effect (like the one on the mobilepod app) using the pod hd500?
  3. If I plug an acoustic guitar on the pod500HD and and the POD to a L2t can I get the acoustic modeling effect or I just can get it from that channel on the side panel. If so, is there any trick on the POD to substitut the modeling effect?
  4. i just cannot be seen by line6 monkey and the dt cannot be updated. code error 80009001. what is that?
  5. Hi Uber, i dont think it was the volume cos i remember turning it down. But I will try to bypass the eq. Lets see if it works.
  6. I tried to plug my takamine 12-string on my pod500 this weekend and the sound was terrible. Even with no effects at all. No amps or that "vintage pre". The guitar input was terrible. The aux a little better but far away from the sound plugged on the soundboard. I needed control of the sound and different effects for different songs (floyd songs) and I ended the night very very frustrated. What did I do wrong? I plugged a mic for my saxophone and it worked. Does the pod only works with the variax acoustic models? I'll try some patches from the guys here but where do I plug the instrument? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm wondering how could I change from one amp to another by moving the expression pedal. Is it possible?
  8. Is it possible to sweep amp models using the expression pedal? How could I make one amp model sound on the toe position of the expression pedal and other amp model sound on the opposite position? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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