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  1. I would like to see the JHS Morning Glory OD added to the Helix ecosystem.
  2. dmock66

    Love the Lonestar

    I've only had a few minutes to test drive the Lonestar - but I agree - stunning tone from it. Well done Line 6!!! Good call on this being the cornerstone of a P&W preset. I have a base preset that I typically swap in/out my amp du jour - and I will make a copy of it with the Lonestar.
  3. I'll have to check out the couple amps that seem to be on most people's short list. I've played a couple gigs and at church a few times since I got the LT. It's been all thru mainly one preset. Brit Plexi Brt I played my really clean stuff on a: Deluxe (plus dirt pedals to spice it up a bit)
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