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  1. Hi matsansan,
    I wrote a detailed post with photos about Relay G10 disassembly, possible batteries etc.
    The topic title was "does anyone knows how to disassembly relay G10" or something like this.
    It was in about 2019. A can not find it now.  I think the LINE 6 deleted....
    Maybe it was too detailed... Try to find it.

    Good luck!

    1. matsansan


      Thanks for your quick reply, appreciated! :-)


      Before posting I already searched for all forum posts that you have made. I can only see 4, so they must have deleted you excellent work already then...


      It does not look that difficult, but could you post again on some other page like The Gear Page or GearSlutz etc.? That way Line6 cannot delete it, but the general public can still have well working wireless systems. Apart from the huge battery life issue, this thing is absolutely great.

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