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  1. I have done all that is stated in this post and Monkey still won't open while running Yosemite. Has there been a solution to this problem? iMac (24-inch, Early 2009) 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Thank you for your help
  2. Any update to get Monkey working? Mine still won't open.
  3. Thank you for your help. I was trying to use a 1st Generation Airport Express, and after much research, it looks like it isn't possible with this airport. I went and got the new Airport Express with two ethernet ports and it is working. Set up was very easy. I might be wrong, but it looks like you have to only have a new Airport Express with two ports. That should be stated in the documentation. I found out that even the Presonus mixers can't use the previous generation Airport Express's. Once again, thank you for your replies.
  4. I have finally gotten my StageScape after waiting almost a year from ordering from Line 6. Long list of problems. I am trying to get the StageScape App to work correctly. I have gone over every post I can find on the subject, but still have problems. I am using the Apple Ethernet adapter and and Airport Express. I do a hard rest on the Airport and configure to create a new network. The StageScape just says trying to connect and never connects. When I use the Airport to extend my home network, the StageScape connect and every thing works as it should. Problem is, when I m using the mixer at a gig, I will not have internet access. Why is it not working when I try to set up a new network without internet connectivity? I have tried to set up all difference networks on the Airport express, but only the setting that extend my home network are working properly. Any wisdom??? Thanks
  5. I do the same, but use an additional expression pedal. The Line 6 one works great. I just plug it in to the HD500. The pedal on the HD500 controls my electric volume (via the modeled amp's volume) and the second pedal controls my acoustic. I do like your blended way with only one pedal, but with two, I can get 100% volume with each path.
  6. Can't you just run a patch with no amp and use the mixer on the HD500 to balance the volume? I use the tube comp, one EQ, and a little chorus on my Variax acoustic sounds. They sound great to me. One of the factory line 6 Variax acoustic patches used the tube comp, so I stole their idea. I actually run both the Variax and mags at the same time. I use the mags for my electric sounds and the Variax for acoustic. I added another volume pedal to the HD500 and utilize one pedal for electric volume and one pedal for acoustic volume. Works great.
  7. Got the guitar back from Line 6. Everything is working great!! Thanks Line 6!
  8. The guitar is at Line 6. They sent me a UPS label and paid for shipping. My local guitar shop boxed up the guitar for me. I am sorry to hear that your not happy with you new JTV. I have two of them, a 59 and 69. I love both guitars and both were in excellent shape when I purchased them. The switch on the 59 acted a felt normal, but wasn't switching the Variax guitar sounds. I will update when I get the guitar back.
  9. I have a Korean JTV-59 that is only a couple of months old. The selector switch (3-way) is working as normal with the mag pick ups, but when utilizing the Variax guitars, it isn't working. The switch doesn't switch the Variax guitars at all. I have re-flashed the guitar to no avail. I also have a JTV-69 and it is working fine. Any suggestions?
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